Prominent Resorts Say Canceling Vacation Ownership is Bad

Timeshare companies continue to prove they have no interest in improving timeshare products or the overall experience of the purchase. Now that people are canceling vacation ownership more than ever before, developers are frantically trying to slander relief while attracting new buyers.

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Timeshare Relief Scam Uses Florida Attorney’s Stolen Identity.

After getting his identity stolen by a timeshare relief scam, attorney David Eaton began receiving strange complaints regarding timeshare resale services. Callers were demanding a refund and claimed that Mr. Eaton had defrauded them. Initially, he labeled the occurrences as misunderstandings, but he quickly realized a bigger problem was at hand.

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Timeshare News Releases Discredit Services That Get Out of Vacation Ownership

What usually comes as a surprise to owners is the timeshare’s unwillingness to help them without additional costs. This naturally causes disgruntled owners to look elsewhere for relief. But in most instances, what ends up happening is their desperation gets taken advantage of by third party exit scams. Once they realize they’ve wasted even more capital, they’re not too happy with the resort – and rightfully so. 

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Timeshare Purchase Scams Have New Meaning for Wyndham Owners

Nazret Gebremeskel, Michael and AnnaMarie Deneen, and Erin and Paul Munoz are pursuing the hospitality giant for multiple misrepresentations. They claim that some of the features of Wyndham’s timeshare program weren’t available. Whether it was availability, point values, cleaning services or parking options, each owner didn’t receive what they were promised.

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Why Companies That Exit Timeshare Contracts Are Being Discredited.

Since the current narrative of the timeshare industry surrounds dissatisfaction, resorts are desperate to take the attention off of themselves. Especially when people are scammed because the resort failed to satisfy them. This is why timeshare companies are now trying to discourage owners from communicating with any type of third party timeshare relief program. Scam or not, they’d rather control the narrative.

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Legitimate Checklist For Deeded Timeshare Donations by the FTC

The FTC has been on a mission to put an end to timeshare donation scams over the years. Help the Vets, Inc. was shut down after becoming a major player as they collected over $20 million dollars from victims between 2013 and 2017. Travis Deloy Peterson was also charged for his attempt to target innocent timeshare owners with a military ploy.

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Can Vacation Owners Exit Contracts With a Timeshare Settlement?

A majority of timeshare buyers try to negotiate with the resort to make the purchase worthwhile only to find themselves enslaved by additional contracts and the same dissatisfaction. Even when owners turn to 3rd party solutions, they have a hard time finding an ethical service that actually cares about relieving them of their timeshare woes. Is a settlement attainable?

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6 Things to Consider Before You Give Away Timeshare Interval.

When it comes to timeshare relief, there are a plethora of options for owners to choose from. Making the decision to give away timeshare contracts can be a tough one when there are hundreds of sales pitches flooding your inbox. Every offer is going to cause you to second guess your decision.

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Failed Timeshare Development in South Carolina Goes Bankrupt

Apparently, hundreds of timeshare owners initially invested in what was once called Sand Castle South, only to simply lose interest. Although the property management company purchased two full floors at the popular Sandcastle Oceanfront Resort in one of the most popular tourist cities in America, they weren’t able to keep buyers engaged.

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Should You Donate Timeshare Purchases to Charity?

If you really feel the need to give away your property, there are a few things you need to consider in order to properly donate timeshare contracts. First and foremost, the donated timeshare has to be paid off or have a satisfied mortgage (free and clear). From here, you’d have to approach the donation as a transfer.

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Failed Timeshare Refund Causes Alabama Man to Hire a Lawyer

After telling the timeshare, “No,” Sims started to notice the aggressive nature of the sale. The high pressure tactics continued even after he told them he couldn’t afford it. Sims started to realize that the only way he and his wife would get any alone time was if he were to say, “Yes.”

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Timeshare Property Resale Scam in Oregon Exposed by the BBB.

The BBB officially categorized M&T Property Management as an operational timeshare scam in Portland, Oregon. They determined M&T is simply acting as a timeshare property resale company and there is no evidence showing the company actually knows how to help timeshare owners sell their property or offload their contract.

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