All of the Blatant Lies Timeshare Organizations Spew.

While an initial “free gift” usually carries a lot of intrigue throughout the timeshare presentation, there are a number of ways sales reps manipulate information in order to convince susceptible consumers. Since we’ve written so many articles on the topic already, we thought it would be helpful to try to publish an article with a compilation of all the lies timeshare organizations tell.

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Part 2: Maria & Luis Attempt to Get Out of Their Timeshare.

As they entered a new season of empty nesting, Luis and Maria were looking to celebrate their marriage. Going on vacation was their way of rewarding themselves for the house they built on foreign soil. “We work hard to save our money, pay bills on time and build up our credit”, said Maria. Like many hard-working Americans, the couple deserved a period of relaxation and reflection.

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Additional Tourist Destinations That Timeshare Operations Have Taken Over – Part 3.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been covering some of the areas of our great country that have been taken over by timeshare operations. While many gleen in the idea of an economic boost, tourist destinations also present the community with a number of drawbacks. Let’s see how a few islands have developed into vacation havens for the wealthy while leveraging native culture for appeal.

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Tips For Consumers Taking Out a Personal Loan to Buy a Timeshare.

Taking out a personal loan for a vacation ownership usually seems like a good idea after speaking to timeshare salespeople. Misleading promises during the presentation convince many that they’ve stumbled across a deal of a lifetime. Because of this, thousands of buyers borrow money in order to purchase somewhat of a mirage.

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Two More Travel Destinations Ruined by Timeshare Developers.

In the years of exploration, towns either thrived on their own or wealthy businessmen were needed to turn fortunes around. Failure in attractive places provided successful people with opportunities to shape the landscape into money-making havens. One could even say the foundation of hospitality was based on mistakes and others’ ability to capitalize on them.

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2 Major Vacation Destinations Ruined by the Timeshare Industry.

Far too often, the timeshare purchase (and the vacation on which it was bought) become deeply remorseful experiences. Getting out of the timeshare trap is not only emotionally difficult but physically costly. This is why we’re so passionate about this topic. The avoidance of industry pitfalls is more important than understanding ownership itself.

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DRI Debt Collection Woes Place Timeshare Company in Hot Water.

The past few years haven’t exactly been full of positive memories for some of the timeshare owners at Diamond Resorts International, Inc. (DRI). It appears there has been an increasing number of buyers who have not been able to match their expectation with the actual experience – giving them more of a desire to escape the perpetual contract than to continue on with ownership.

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The Timeshare Owner’s Perspective During the Sales Presentation.

Nearly every victim of a timeshare sale is on vacation when they make the purchase. Because of this, many eventually regret it. While it’s easy to blame the ignorance of their decision on a gullible mindset and the euphoria of their travels, it’s important that we take a second to look at things from the timeshare owner’s perspective.

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