Part 2: Maria & Luis Attempt to Get Out of Their Timeshare.

As they entered a new season of empty nesting, Luis and Maria were looking to celebrate their marriage. Going on vacation was their way of rewarding themselves for the house they built on foreign soil. “We work hard to save our money, pay bills on time and build up our credit”, said Maria. Like many hard-working Americans, the couple deserved a period of relaxation and reflection. 

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into every penny I make,” she added. Straining and saving to pay off debt (like their son’s tuition) gave them an opportunity to take a break and enjoy themselves. While in Florida, they had no intention of celebrating this achievement by making another large financial commitment. This goes to show how cunning timeshare sales strategies are. 

Understanding Their Timeshare Experience Thus Far.

In summary, Luis and Maria were lured by the idea of a free vacation and essentially abducted from their vacation to receive it. From here, sales representatives held them hostage for hours, never making any mention of a free vacation. Then, Maria and Luis’s personal information was used against them until “family values” and travel perks finally convinced them a timeshare week would be worthwhile. But as Maria told their story, it’s apparent they regretted the decision from the get go. 

By month two, the couple had already experienced a number of holes in the sales presentation and Maria began calling out her timeshare for dismissing their letters and complaints. No matter how articulate her writing was, they continued to blame her while pointing to the binding contract. But instead of finding themselves trapped in hopelessness, Luis and Maria were determined to get out of their timeshare agreement. After deeming cancellation with the resort a lost cause, they started to look at third party options for relief. This is where we pick back up with her story.


Finding Help to Get Out of Their Timeshare.

Like aforementioned, consumers should always be critical of vacation ownership. Far too many buyers are lied to, forcing them to pay for something they truly don’t want or can’t afford. As a paying consumer, expectations based on selling points are warranted – especially when you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, a majority of timeshare companies don’t see it that way.

By the time Maria stopped paying for her timeshare, the stress of the situation had taken its toll – and rightfully so. “It was all we could think about [and] I was starting to lose sleep,” she recalled. The added payments, booking issues and poor customer service only added anxiety to their initial remorse. No matter how embarrassing the situation was, they had to do something. “I felt trapped and there was no way of getting out of this [timeshare] mess now.”

Adequate Research Bodes Well For the Timeshare Owners.

At this point in the process, Maria just wanted to find somebody she could trust and rely on for accurate information. Like most people with unwanted timeshares, they initially thought a lawyer might be their best bet. “Even if we’re not financially stable, I don’t know much about laws and rights in America,” she explained. Similar to calling the bank when you lose your house, she assumed “an attorney would be helpful.” But discussions with legal practices didn’t give them much confidence.

In turn, the hard-working medical assistant spent more off-time, “running through the computer to find something that could help.” After analyzing dozens of ways to get out of their timeshare contract, Maria came across one of our videos. Her first impression was positive so she started to look into the reputation of our company and what our clients had to say. The more content she read, the better she was able to understand our process – spiking her optimism.

Why the Couple Felt Like They Could Trust VOC.

She remembered thinking to herself, “Is this God giving me a sign that there is someone out there that could help me?” Although we work hard to promote a genuine solution, we have to give credit where it’s due. The couple’s diligence in analyzing the marketplace to get out of their timeshare is what helped them find a soft spot to land. “I was relieved,” she said. “As soon as I saw the video and the way Mike talked and how the customer communicated, I felt like I could relate to them all.”


For the first time since buying their timeshare, Maria appreciated the simple fact she wasn’t met with a sales pitch. “I believed in the people and I just filled out a form and crossed my fingers,” she said. Although their eagerness to learn more was evident, it was still going to take a lot to gain the couple’s trust – and rightfully so.

What Convinced the Couple That VOC Was the Answer?

By the time Maria finished her free consultation, she could tell we took her desire to get out of their timeshare seriously. We weren’t just interested in selling her on our solution, which meant a lot to them both. She remembers asking herself, “Am I going crazy? Is this real? You get to talk to one of them and they actually listen?” she said. “They understand me [and] it’s like they knew me from the beginning.” 

Unlike the timeshare sales experience, full of pressure and urgency, Luis and Maria noticed the relational element of VOC. “I found someone who knows how I feel,” she said. “This is my play, I’m safe with them, I’m home.” 

While we certainly appreciate Maria’s support and enthusiasm for our services, it’s important for vacation owners to understand that they should never hire an exit company until they’re sure that their expectations can be met. There are plenty of scams out there founded on manipulation. Always investigate the solution thoroughly before moving forward. There are plenty of ways to identify fraud.

The Experience Thus Far with VOC.

Committing to cancellation seemed like an easy decision, but doubts crept in as soon as the process began. “At first, I second guessed the decision but I knew I had to have faith,” she said. After asking for more information, she remembers feeling comforted like she mattered. “They took the time to reassure me that I was in good hands.” But it wasn’t all that she’s appreciated about her experience thus far.

“Ever since, they have proven they care about my problems and what you’re going through. I was afraid in the beginning but they’re very responsive and remained understanding,” she said with a smile. “I always asked the consultant, are you fake or real,” she said laughing. No matter the burden of the timeshare, you can tell she longs to remain positive. “I’m a person and I have problems like everyone else and they [VOC] cared about them. This changed my life forever, I already overthink things and this has been haunting me.”


Reassurance During Timeshare Cancellation Is Crucial.

It’s hard for many timeshare owners to trust the cancellation process when timeshare companies harass them throughout. It’s one of the main reasons reliable communication is important at VOC. “I can’t count the times the timeshare has contacted me,” she said. “It’s caused us to become more secluded and get overstressed about the smallest of things.” The last time she received an email was on June 10th and she recalls the experience as a “Nightmare that would never go away.” 

Some of the emails pertained to simple payment arrangements while others demanded cooperation. “My husband comforted me but we got in this zone that neither of us realized at first,” she remembered. “Then we realized we needed to be there for each other.” The same work ethic and dedication that’s been the backbone of their marriage for 24 years helped them push through the psychological trial. 

“We didn’t want to let a mistake ruin our relationship just because we thought it was going to be good for us. We won’t let it destroy us,” she said. The last thing we want is for this purchase to destroy or haunt Maria and Luis either which is why we’re doing everything we can to ensure they know they made a good decision. They know life will return to normal if they can get out of their timeshare and move on together.

Saying Yes to a Timeshare Can Be Costly.

To date, Luis and Maria have spent over $2k just to be able to close the unwanted credit card and remain current. Their down payment alone was $1400 and they never booked a single stay through their ownership. As she reflects on the venture, she wants to use their mistakes to help others avoid the same remorse. “We hope people take the time to learn and research major purchases. Timeshares are not worth it no matter how good it sounds. Your life can change forever.”

As they continue the path of ending their future obligations to their timeshare, Maria says they’re just, “trying to take it one day at a time.” In the meantime, she says they’ve been meditating, trying to stay active and regain their social lives. “The situation with the timeshare doesn’t leave our mind at any moment in time. To be honest, I don’t know how the outcome of this situation will be but I have faith in VOC and the way they handle their business,” she said. “We don’t care about the payments or cost, we just want to get out completely.”

She went on to say, “America is one of the best things that has happened to me. Working hard is important – as is being honest to yourself and your family.” The couple believes trust can be misleading and some sales people just don’t care. If they had any advice for those thinking about vacation ownership, it would be to do your due diligence and “be careful with these sweet talkers.” Maria also added, “When you go on vacation, do not engage into any business – focus on your vacation nothing else.”


Many Timeshare Owners Are Let Down by the Purchase.

Misleading promises and false statements often blind consumers from the reality of timeshare agreements. Up until they decided to contact us, Luis and Maria had learned to expect letdown instead of execution. Because of this, they remain highly skeptical of our ability to get out of their timeshare. While it may not be fair to bear the burdens caused by competitors or timeshare companies, it comes with the territory. Truth be told, we revel in our ability to follow through with promises and completely satisfy our clients. 

Escaping the future obligations of a timeshare contract is no easy task. It takes years of experience to be able to provide assistance with mortgage cancellation and contract termination consistently. Similar to timeshare sales tactics, the exit industry is also known for misleading consumers. Finding a trustworthy company to spend your money with, no matter the purchase, is important. Let Luis and Maria’s story be a lesson to you. 

If you’re interested in helping the couple get back on their feet, feel free to send us an email or comment below. As we work with them over the next few months, we’ll also keep you updated on the status of their file. Helping owners find freedom is a great feeling. Our commitment to vacation owners over the years has given Luis and Maria a reason to have confidence in our process and trust that we’ll be able to assist them through a process proven to be difficult in an untrustworthy industry.


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