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Thanks to VOC we are no longer under any obligation to continue paying yearly fees. We tried to sell our timeshare week (in FL, close to WDW) and even to gift it but were not able to. We even told the resort they could take it back (and sell it!) but they refused! So, realistically the timeshare had no value at all. VOC was very professional and resolved this for us in under 6 months.

Blanca Brenes 2 July 2018

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Vacation Ownership Consultants

Mike Cantrell and Jeremy Russo have become known as the first entrepreneurs to develop a timeshare cancellation company that legitimately terminates paid off contracts, fees and current mortgages. Their empathy for timeshare owners sparked a movement that resulted in an entire industry geared towards eliminating unwanted timeshares.

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In the mid-2000’s, Mike Cantrell and Jeremy Russo were working as consultants in the vacation rental industry and noticed the high turnover rates of timeshare ownership. They watched as the trend continued while timeshare sales tactics intensified and they couldn’t help but wonder why.

After listening to hundreds of people talk about regretting their timeshare purchase, Mike and Jeremy decided to commit to developing a service that would successfully help timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare contracts. They wanted to build a timeshare cancellation company that actually delivered on its promises. They weren’t interested in taking advantage of desperate owners. In order to establish trust and build a solid reputation, they knew they had to put together an exceptional team.

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By staying true to our standards and providing an ethical, trustworthy approach, we’ve been able to solidify our timeshare cancellation company while other “solutions” dwindle. Our consistency and commitment to our clients has allowed us to quietly emerge as the popular choice for getting rid of timeshare mortgages, paid off contracts and costly annual fees.

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