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      VOC got us out of our Calypso Cay timeshare . I am so glad I found this company on line. They were super friendly and efficient and got everything done in the time they promised. We did it all over the phone and on line. They made it all so easy and quick. I would recommend them to anyone that is trying to get out of a timeshare. Thank you VOC!!
    Carmen H.

    thumb Angie H.

      Outstanding efficient and effective people who performed exactly as they said they would and kept me informed of the process throughout! I had tried other avenues to opt out of my time share. They were all ineffective and led to dead ends; though their ads insisted they were great. They were not.
    VOC is the only way to go!

    thumb Len L.

      Aftertrying to get rid of our timeshare for several years I came across VOC through a common friend who had use them to get out of their timeshare. We gave him a call and after putting down half it took about 6 months I got us out of our timeshare with no muss no fuss and we are very happy with their service.
    It may cost you a little money to get this done, but it's well worth it in the long run. Rather than paying the always  increasing maintenance fees every year for something that you can hardly ever use because the availability is not there. It was the best thing we ever did getting rid of our timeshare with VOC.

    thumb Michael C.

      I encountered Vacation Ownership Consultants at a home show here in Tucson in October of 2016.  I was skeptical as I had wanted to be rid of my timeshare for a number of years but found only "fake" businesses.  I was impressed with what they had to say and, in the long run, they did exactly what they said would. By October of 2017 we were free and clear of our timeshare. Because our timeshare company was small it took a little longer than we might have expected.

    thumb Reno B.

      I had been trying to get rid of my time share for years. I was taken by a couple of companies that stated they could help me but they never came through. I was about to give up and then someone told me about Vacation Ownership Consultants. I contacted them and after a few months I no longer owned the time share. My experience with working Vacation Ownership Consultants was very positive and was very impressed with their company.

    thumb Patsy R.

      They were very helpful and willing to help me leave my Timeshare! It really works and I was very pleased with the service. Norm

    thumb Norman S.

      My ex-husband was supposed to remove my name from the timeshare after the divorce. 2 years after he died, i was presented with a ridiculous bill for the timeshare.  Vacation Ownership Consultants helped me to get rid of this money pit. Thank you so much!!!

    thumb Becky S.

      Vacation Ownership Consultants did exactly what the said the promised to do. They terminate our timeshare ownership. Period!
    Vacation Ownership Consultants are very professional.  I would highly recommend this company to terminate your timeshare obligations.  Go with Vacation Ownership Consultants. They will get it done for you.
    They regularly apprised us of the progress in termination our timeshare ownership.

    During the entire process we were never contacted by the timeshare company that was being terminated,
    Additional comment: Don't be fooled by the many companies out there who say the will terminate your timeshare ownership.  They are scams and are simply out there to take your money

    thumb Ralph C.

      We wanted to get out of our timeshare, but were afraid of being taken advantage of. Vacation Ownership Consultants gave us the information we needed to pay them for their services. The process went smoothly and exactly how VOC told us it would. Everything was handled in a professional manner.

    thumb Terrie I.

      Great company to work with. Had a great experience. No more timeshare payments.

    thumb Marvin M.

      We had a timeshare lifetime contract with a Resort company.  The maintenance kept increasing.  When participating in Timeshare meetings, it was a high pressure environment with one person passing us to the next.  They would not take "no" for an answer.  We wanted out permanently.  
    We just happened across Vacation Ownership Consultants (VOC) at a Home and Garden Show, got their card and process began.  We met in person one time, taking all of our information with us.  We exchanged a few phone calls and the rest is history.  They have a law firm that processes all the legal paperwork and it was painless.  The cost of VOC doing this for us was recouped in no time since we no longer had maintenance fees.  The process and end result was excellent!

    thumb Susan H.

      When we could no longer afford our Shell Vacation clubs annual fees we asked to be let out of a contract we had paid in full.  It was a lot of money to us and the fees go up every year.  We would have to bank points for three years to have enough for a vacation.  They said "NO". We found Vacation Ownership Consultants through their contact here when we had done some other business with him.  The money to get out of the timeshare was worth it.  Now we don't worry about fees that we can't afford and that go up every year.  It took time because our timeshare company had been bought out by another timeshare company and they took their time about doing anything.  When we got nervous the people at Vacation Ownership Consultant were there to answer questions and try to move the process on a little faster.

    thumb Barbara And Jim Z.

      If you don't  like your timeshare any more.
    Go see these guy.  He can help you. Annual  fee per year is so expensive for timeshare.

    thumb Joe C.

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