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Since 2014, our timeshare elimination company has led the industry in customer ratings because of unbeatable prices and dedication to 100% client satisfaction! We’re not in business to take advantage of vacation owners.  We’d rather follow through with our promises so they can be free and clear of their timeshare.

Avoid litigation and lawyer fees by taking advantage of an attorney based process that delivers. Whether you’re looking to terminate a mortgage or walk away from annual fees, you’ve come to the right place. Every contract is different and we take pride in qualifying every applicant before explaining our service.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are many variables involved and everyone’s situation is different. There are circumstances where an owner may not need our services. This is why we provide a no-cost consultation to review the ownership details, understand the owner’s goals and explain how our services can assist. This allows the owner to make an educated decision on whether or not our services make sense for them.

Pricing is determined based on variables such as ownership type, total contracts and financial liability. VOC has committed time, resources, research and development, attorney’s fees and experience over the last nine years to continually streamline our well-tried timeshare cancellation services. Continuing to advance our service provides a more affordable and effective solution for those looking to eliminate an unwanted, unsellable timeshare. Our process works in conjunction with attorneys well versed in the industry.

We absorb all costs and the client receives a one-time, affordable fee. Think of it as paying for luxury rental to get to work every day vs carpooling with other co-workers. Both options get you to your destination, however carpooling is a small fraction of the cost of paying for a luxury rental. Instead of paying an attorney’s hourly rate of $300-$500/hour for their advice alone, your questions would have been addressed through this process while working in conjunction with attorneys and you receive the information and assistance included in your one-time, flat rate.

VOC provides an attorney-based solution to assist owners in ending their future obligation to their timeshare while eliminating stress and potential mistakes by an owner.

No. VOC’s pricing is transparent. We provide a one-time, flat fee to assist owners in ending their future obligation to their timeshare.

We provide a well-tried solution that continues to develop with the advancements, settlements, or similar actions that occur in the timeshare industry. This service provides over 40 years of combined experience from established real-estate attorneys, over 20 years of combined industry experience from the executive team along with an untouchable reputation in the industry for over nine years.

VOC creates tailored payment arrangements to ensure every client’s satisfaction, including a no money out of pocket today option with zero percent financing available.

Given the current landscape of the timeshare resale market, there is virtually no existing resale market. If you determine that your timeshare holds no value then bypass the industries flooded predatory agencies. Timeshare termination is almost always faster and a more effective solution in ending your future timeshare obligation.

VOC has over 60 years of combined experience in the industry and continues to evolve as new industry developments, advancements, settlements, or similar actions occur. VOC provides transparency and realistic expectations, we do not believe in selling false hope or failed promises that flood this industry. We understand that exiting a timeshare has proven to be a difficult process in an untrustworthy industry, which is why we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our past clients had to say about us.

The timeframe for the Services will vary based on the Customer’s specific circumstances. However, it generally takes twelve to twenty-four months to complete the Services. In some instances, it can take as little as 6 months to complete.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

Here are a few testimonials regarding the cost of our timeshare elimination services.

VOC is an Affordable & Effective Solution

Don’t worry about the cost of eliminating timeshare contracts. We can send you a detailed analysis that helps you get started with a NO-COST consultation. Learn everything you need to know about our timeshare elimination pricing, services and other options in one hour!

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