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Since 2014, our timeshare cancellation service has led the industry in customer ratings because of unbeatable prices and our 100% guarantee! We’re not in business to take your money, rather to follow through with our promises. Every timeshare owner is different and we take pride in qualifying every applicant before helping them pursue relief options.

Avoid litigation and lawyer fees by taking advantage of an attorney based process that delivers. Whether you’re looking to terminate a mortgage or walk away from annual fees, you’ve come to the right place. If you’d like to receive a detailed analysis with pricing, you can get started by requesting a FREE consultation to learn more about your options, our services and pricing.

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Testimonials about the cost of our timeshare elimination services

"VOC got me out of my timeshare"

This company helped me get rid of my timeshare. Diamond Resorts had started charging thousands of dollars for yearly maintenance. I couldn't pay it! I was in the double digits of owing them money for a timeshare I couldn't use due to unemployment. This company got rid of my debt AND my timeshare for a fraction of what I owed! They explained the process in language I could understand, kept me posted as to when I could expect anything in the mail and just generally kept in touch! Not a fly-by-night company that will take your money! I highly recommend them!

Debbie Sterkowitz

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

Why do you have to qualify timeshare owners for cancellation services? Can’t I just pay you to get rid of it?

There are many variables involved and everyone’s situation is different. Things like contract verbiage, pre-existing actions taken so far on the consumer’s side, all contract signers are not in agreement, they may simply not need our services.

How do you determine your pricing? Does a lot of work go into canceling the agreement?

Pricing is determined based on ownership type and financial liability. VOC has committed time, resources, research and development over the last five years to continually streamline our proven timeshare cancellation services. Continuing to advance our service provides a more affordable, faster and effective option for those looking to eliminate an unwanted, unsellable timeshare.

What am I paying for when I use VOC to eliminate my timeshare contract?

VOC provides timeshare contract cancellation and termination services where legal documentation is processed by our contracted, licensed legal team to remove you from the future liability of your timeshare interest.

Are there any unexpected costs or fees I should look into before canceling?

No. VOC pricing is transparent. The one time fee is all inclusive to achieve a successful termination or cancellation of your timeshare interest and all future liability.

Can the cost of your timeshare cancellation services change as the process goes on?

No. VOC will never request additional funds to complete the services we’ve promised to perform.

How can I be sure that my money won’t go to waste?

We have an authentic 100% guarantee and legally hold ourselves accountable to perform which you’ll find clearly outlined in our service agreement. If you are looking for additional comfort before doing business with VOC, you can see what our past clients had to say about our 5-Star rated company online.

How do I know if I qualify for termination services?

Timeshare termination services are for fractional timeshare owners that have a satisfied mortgage, also known as ownership that is "free and clear". If you are responsible for an outstanding mortgage, then you would be considered for our timeshare cancellation service.

When will you be expecting my first payment?

VOC creates tailored payment arrangement to ensure every client’s satisfaction including a no money out of pocket today with zero percent financing solution.

How are your timeshare exit services better than selling my timeshare week?

Given the current landscape of the timeshare resale market, there is virtually no existing resale market. If you determine that your timeshare holds no value then bypass the industries flooded predatory agencies. Timeshare termination is a faster, cheaper, and safer method.

Why should I choose VOC over other options to finally cancel my timeshare contract?

VOC has over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and has an intimate understanding of the industry as a whole. VOC provides transparency and true expectations, we do not believe in selling hope or failed promises.

How long can the cancellation process take?

Timeshare contract and termination takes 6-24 months to complete on average. However, clients may be relieved of their timeshare obligations and future liability in as little as 30 days.

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