4 Changes in the Timeshare Industry That Owners Should be Aware of.

Due to the current state of our country, the inability to use your timeshare may seem valid. Pandemic-driven restrictions have made it nearly impossible for anyone to enjoy any type of vacation over the past year. At the same time, it’s important that owners are able to move forward with an informed state of mind. Truth be told, there are some changes in the timeshare industry that owners ought to take note of.

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aerial shot of real estate in st. helena california for blog regarding timeshare-like estate by private llc broker suing city for unethical discrimination of business model and enjoyment of region pacaso development

Real Estate Dispute Over What Defines a Timeshare in St. Helena, CA.

This past week, the city of St. Helena was sued after accusing a stand alone housing operation for being a timeshare entity. Pacaso, a five-home development project, claims to offer homeownership for up to 8 different tenets per each property. But the city hasn’t been buying it and on April 6th, Pacaso fired back.

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passing of a bag of money into the hands of someone in power for favorable outcomes regarding timeshare exchange taxes in co graphic

Timeshare Exchange Taxes Proposed in Steamboat Springs, CO.

As lockdowns and public COVID restrictions ensue, cities across the country are looking for ways to combat the tax revenue dips over the last year. Sadly, many destinations have struggled to overcome the exponential loss of tourism dollars. But the city council in Steamboat Springs, Colorado claims timeshare exchange taxes can help bridge the gap.

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exhausted vacation owner seeking restitution online with top cancellation companies blog articles vague information no direction on couch in living room blue attire voc

Prominent Timeshare Platform Shares Their Top Cancellation Companies.

When it comes to escaping a timeshare, nearly every step of the process comes with an array of pitfalls. From desperation to deception, disgruntled buyers need to know how to discern every turn. While a number of sales pitches appear to speak to you, nothing in this industry is as it seems. Like last week’s article pointed out, not all content is trustworthy.

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blue almanac of florida law in library for change proposals made in congress regarding timeshares blog by voc

New Florida Bill Proposes Tax Cuts for Timeshare Corporations.

Now that travel restrictions have surpassed the year mark, timeshare corporations are full steam ahead towards loss recuperation. After ignoring loyal paying vacation owners and laying off tenured employees, the industry now has their eyes on tax laws. In fact, a recent proposal by lobbyists in Florida suggests a different method be used for property appraisals in order to decrease the tax burden of major resorts in the region.

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scratching bald spot confused by what aarp is advising him on to do with his timeshare ownership contract white background voc

AARP Says Tips to Eliminate Timeshare Obligations Are “Proven”.

When a vacation owner first realizes the timeshare resort isn’t eager to provide relief, a number of things go through their mind. While most are initially consumed by outrage, victimization or heavy remorse; desperation usually steers their desire to eliminate timeshare obligations. Because of this, many are deceived by a third-party solution, only to experience further turmoil. As a result, many buyers learn to live with and endure the timeshare burden.

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image of man fishing alone on rock during sunrise looking for some luck and encouragement for those exiting timeshare agreements

Exiting Your Timeshare Alone: What Can Happen If You Do.

Over the past few years, we’ve published a lot of content that warns consumers and vacation owners alike of the pitfalls in the timeshare industry. For decades now, many buyers have experienced similar setbacks, disadvantages and unexpected costs. But today, some are considering cancellation for the first time.

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image of concrete jungle shoreline where hilton grand vacations resort is located for timeshare travelers to visit when coronavirus lockdowns end voc news article of acquisition of diamond resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations Informed Owners of Diamond Resorts Acquisition.

Now that timeshare companies are looking to maximize future earnings, the race for the biggest pool of aspiring travelers has begun. Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve already seen Wydham merge with Travel + Leisure and Marriott’s PR to acquire Welk Resorts – even while timeshare owners struggle. This past week, Mark Wang, the President and CEO of Hilton’s Grand Vacations (HGV), made an announcement of his own.

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brunette woman in red looking at cell phone startled by what she is reading during urban stroll regarding her timeshare ownership contract

How to Exhaust Your Options With Timeshare Resorts.

When it comes to getting rid of vacation ownership or managing the financial obligation during rough patches, understanding how to go about handling the matter is key. Aside from the extensive amount of fraud in the exit realm, timeshare companies have been known to leverage an owner’s despair as an upsell opportunity.

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isolated office building with aggressive seller using charisma to encompass the psychological sales practices of timeshares voc

The Psychological Sales Practices of Timeshares | Part 2

We can all admit, the psychological sales practices of timeshares are rather complicated. In fact, every unsuspecting buyer is uniquely targeted with fact finding measures that all stem from a deceitful plot: to close the deal. Last week, we discussed the elements of pandering, misleading trust, enticement, personal jabs and fabricated excitement. Let’s see how this helps them close the deal in part 2.

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confused looking middle aged man scratching back of head with white background well dressed grey hair help with pandemic timeshare tips

Pandemic Timeshare Tips by the TN Dept of Commerce & Insurance.

Despite the obvious travel limitations, it would have been good to see the department go into detail on consumer’s need to “reevaluate personal budgets”. The impact of COVID as a whole has been a setback for millions. While some people are bummed about their vacant vacation, many don’t even know how they’re going to put food on the table – after years of abundance.

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pink background with younger man looking sour faced at what someone said as if the offer was gross or unappealing like a timeshare salesman

The Sales Psychology of Timeshares Increases Closing Rates.

When it comes to the purchase of a timeshare, buyers are rarely even in the market for a perpetual travel package. In fact, many are on vacation with relaxed spending habits when the opportunity arises. When they’re caught off guard by an overwhelming amount of hype and free gifts, they can’t help but be intrigued by what’s being presented to them. We call this the sales psychology of timeshares – and it’s horribly effective

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