A Vacation Owner’s Perspective After Remorseful Timeshare Upgrade.

As travel lockdowns presume, timeshare travel is doing its best to keep vacation owners from getting restless. While some are hoping to use their purchased vacation in 2021, many have become restless. We know this because we’ve spoken to many that are looking for a way to get rid of their timeshare because of COVID-19.

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The Timeshare Bargain Normally Comes with Extra Baggage.

Even though we specialize in ending owner obligations, our goal has always been to help buyers fully understand and properly manage their perpetual product. So today, we wanted to shed some light on the extra “baggage” that usually comes with a supposed timeshare bargain.

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Timeshare Resale Traps Expected By AG & Dept of Consumer Protection in CT.

Earlier this month, the Attorney General of Connecticut (AG), William Tong, and the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) issued a public warning regarding potential timeshare resale traps in the state. In the after effects of the COVID pandemic, it appears a growing number of con artists are looking to take advantage of grounded vacation owners.

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Ways to Test Your Timeshare Package During the 3-7 day Cancellation Period.

Have you ever made a large purchase that turned out to be less than gratifying? How about a product that didn’t perform as advertised? In most cases, a consumer’s intuition is to return it –or at least making an exchange. But what happens when the purchase ends up being non-refundable due to a return policy that wasn’t promoted or ever explained?

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