9 Things To Do In 2021 If Your Timeshare is Off Limits.


For the past 9 months, most of us have been stuck at home twiddling our thumbs waiting for things to at least return to some sort of normitude. Not everyone has the ability to jump on a private plane or visit one of many houses to pass the time. Last week, we talked about making the most of your missed Christmas vacation. This week, we thought we’d help you out over the next few months. Whether your timeshare is off limits or you’re unable to go anywhere at all, there are tons of things to do in 2021 to pass time during the slow-drip torture of this pandemic.

For the most part, many Americans have seen a decrease or level of stagnancy with their earnings. Sadly, millions are literally struggling to survive. Either way, it’s important to remain positive. Even if it may seem like the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t getting brighter, there are a number of simple and affordable ways you can expand your personal horizon. Challenge yourself to lead, learn, achieve and create this year! 

Enjoy Yourself & Progress While Enduring.

Although finding joy during this time may be your only goal, do your best to keep an eye out for opportunities. Staying indoors can’t be too uplifting. Sometimes, hardship turns fruitful and gives you the nudge or change of scenery you always needed. Don’t let COVID restrictions steal your happiness. By trying some of the below ideas you can easily spread joy that surpasses the holiday season. You never know who you might meet or what you might discover along the way. 

1. Simply Explore The Outdoors.

Here in lower Arizona, the beautiful weather and rugged landscape makes it a lot easier to enjoy the outdoors. Endless trails provide tons of options for hiking, biking or riding motorized toys and buggies. At the same time, we’re limited to our cold experiences. You’d have to travel a few hours to find a decent ice fishing spot. In other areas of the country, you’re able to explore in a whole entire setting. So take advantage of it. 

Sometimes, taking a weekly walk around the neighborhood can be a boost to your day. In fact, it may also encourage others to do the same. Breaking some of the bad habits that the pandemic has created in all of our lives is important. So step outside when you can. Taking a carriage ride around the city or star gazing from your back patio can be just as relaxing as a vacation. If your timeshare is off limits, a change of “scenery” isn’t always a bad thing.


2. Find Local Entertainment Despite Restrictions.

Look, we all know it’s rather difficult to find any type of convenient entertainment outside the house these days. But if you don’t want to turn into a hobbit then it’d be good to see what types of accommodations have been made. While attending a dance club, joining a jiu jitsu class or entering an escape room may not be the best of ideas – many businesses have taken precautions to remain open. So, why not check out your options? There’s got to be a way you can support local businesses. 

Since the regulations in nearly every city are different, it’s difficult to make certain recommendations. But if you’re able to eat outside in NYC right now, it might be worth the experience. However you decide to entertain yourself in 2021, we should all agree it would be nice for all of us to get out a little. Socially distanced events or other small encounters may be a good start. If your timeshare is off limits then it might even be a good time to think about getting out of it. Either way, “be good for goodness sakes” and find a way to have some fun!

3. Join a Book Club or Interest Group.

One of the best things we can do during this strange time in our lives is grow. One of the best ways to do just that is to learn or read. While studying things or even taking online courses can improve our “self worth” during uncertain times, it’s not near as effective as group settings. Let’s face it – most of us have regressed socially over the past 8-9 months as we choose sides and reset our identities online. But oftentimes, we’re doing all this alone. Feedback allows us to truly gauge what it is that we believe and feel. 

Joining a book club or other personal development group can be life changing. If your timeshare is off limits and you’re missing some of the relationships that it brings, then foster some new ones with different perspectives. Learning to learn together helps change the world and there are plenty of opportunities right now (even virtually) to broaden your perspective, learn something new – and grow! It may not seem like it but there are plenty of people out there that want to hear from you.


4. Get Family Pictures Taken.

Now that everyone has to be home for the holidays (for the most part), it would be a good time to capture the time together. Those of you with kids or grandkids know that opportunities to capture everyone together is a rare occasion. Busy schedules dominate most of society while spare time is often filled on social media

Although you may not appear to be a lovely bunch in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a great way to get family and friends together outside of the house. You could even hire a professional to make an event out of it and split the cost. Truth be told, it might even give everyone a chance to see how much you’ve all changed in one year’s time. Smile and say cheese!

5. Friendly Competitions Are Always Fun.

Those of you that really want to get the juices flowing in 2021 should try to stir up some competition at home, work or in the neighborhood. Games (pictionary, charades, sports, etc) or learning activities are a good start – but don’t limit yourselves to simple clashes. For example, challenge someone to some sort of achievement. 

This could involve health, fitness, home improvement, career related or anything else worth working towards. The good thing about competing with others is you can easily do it from the comfort of your own home. Like we mentioned earlier, doing things alone can hinder your growth potential.


When you participate in a friendly competition, there’s an added layer of accountability that tends to push you more. Besides, playing kickball with neighbors or learning a new language with your sibling is a lot more fun!

Considering the Vulnerable During this Time.

For those of you that are deathly concerned about the Coronavirus, we understand. Millions of people are currently dealing with preexisting conditions or aging that make them extremely susceptible to all viral infections. Because of this, here are some ways you can remain isolated and still find something to do. If your timeshare is off limits (to you) even after travel bans are lifted, then you’ll want something to keep you busy.

6. Utilize Local Drive in Theatres.

What was once seen as a part of America’s pastime is now making a roaring comeback. Due to COVID restrictions, hundreds of drive-in movie theatres across the country have seen profits increase over the past few months. So why not join in on the fun in 2021? Like the escape room article we linked to above, many of these operations are already looking for ways to make the drive-in experience even more enjoyable for all ages. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to change up your binge watching routine, then warm up the car, load up your favorite snacks and head to the drive in. Even if you’re leery of public settings, the protective bubble of your car should allow you to enjoy yourself. 


7. Buy a Home Movie Projector.

When sitting in a car to watch a movie doesn’t appeal to you, but you still miss the theatre, then bring the big screen home! Although projectors and retractable screens were rather expensive when they first came out, there are multiple affordable options these days. From blow up equipment to smart phone technology, you could have a home theater for the entire subdivision if you wanted to. 

Nonetheless, setting one up gives seniors and people that prefer isolation (or those in the middle of quarantine) something to do and enjoy while the pandemic ensues. 

8. Take Out the Motor Cave.

If movies, games or entertainment isn’t what you’re looking for, and your health doesn’t allow you to explore the outdoors like you used to, then why not go for a drive? If you live in the city, then take an escape route out to the countryside for some fresh air. If your geographical location allows it, then take some winding roads through the mountains or deep forests. Find a spot to go and change things up a little. If your timeshare is off limits, you probably ought to go somewhere.

Sometimes, parking alongside a body of water or a good view to watch the sunset can be enjoyable – even if you’re alone to kick off the year. When times are tough, everyone should have a good spot to go to and think. Yellowstone National Park or Bearizona here in Arizona gives you hours of valuable sightseeing from the cockpit of your vehicle. 

9. Check Out Virtual Gaming.

Whether you’re feeling lonely or overwhelmed, one of the easiest escapes is online gaming. While it’s not exactly the most productive thing to do, it can give you an opportunity to interact with new people or learn new things instead of wallowing in your surroundings.


Aside from standard gaming systems that connect to the internet, anything from puzzles to sudoku and chess to solitaire can be found online. If you’re bored, someone will play you in something – just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before entering in. 

It’s Hard When Your Timeshare Is Off Limits.

2020 has definitely been a tough year for everyone. Even the wealthy are losing some of their savings. But vacation owners have probably been dealt the worst hand. Many of them already struggled to use their perpetual product before the pandemic occurred. Now many of them are stuck paying for something they don’t know when they’ll be able to use. Some have lost their jobs while others just simply can’t afford it anymore. No matter the scenario, it’s not hopeful anymore.

That’s why we’re committed to spreading awareness on the pitfalls of the timeshare purchase. When people worry more about delinquent timeshare payments than providing for their families, something is wrong. While the product itself may not be the direct cause of an owner’s current situation, they aren’t doing much to help. With that being said, if you want out of a sculpturous contract then you’re more than welcome to schedule a free consultation with VOC.






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