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Thanks to VOC we are no longer under any obligation to continue paying yearly fees. We tried to sell our timeshare week (in FL, close to WDW) and even to gift it but were not able to. We even told the resort they could take it back (and sell it!) but they refused! So, realistically the timeshare had no value at all. VOC was very professional and resolved this for us in under 6 months.

Blanca Brenes 2 July 2018

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How Much are you Spending on Timeshare Ownership?

Thousands of consumers are starting to realize that owning a timeshare isn't what they thought it would be. Whether they're experiencing availability issues, increased fees or poor conditions, the investment just isn't adding up. At the same time, it can be extremely difficult to let go of something you've invested a lot of money into. Paying more money to get out from under a contract can be a tough pill to swallow. If you're considering a timeshare cancellation service but hesitant to take action, it's important to understand the return you're getting. Our timeshare cost calculator helps you see the expense face-to-face so you can determine if ownership makes sense for you moving forward.

Here's how much you'll save by ending your timeshare ownership:

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