Ending Timeshare Contracts.

When Cancellation is the only viable option.
Hundreds of thousands of vacation owners are currently burdened by their timeshare agreement. Whether they’re stressed over misinformation, frustrated with limitations, pressured into upgrading or simply want to end the liability of ownership – they’ve determined the product no longer provides them with value or any type of return.

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When buyers want to learn how to get out of a timeshare contract

it’s usually due to the ineffectiveness of one of the following options:

Booking sites and vacation rental options are more ideal for travelers. This has resulted in a non-existent marketplace for those looking to sell timeshares.


Timeshares rely on residual income and upsell opportunities which has proven to make it difficult to give your timeshare back to the developer.


Most owners don’t have a specific party to transfer the financial burden to and hiring third party companies to do so can be devastating.


Many owners believe they can walk away without repercussions. In reality, they can expect collection efforts that may lead to lawsuits and judgements.


The VOC Experience Isn’t Like Anything Else in the Cancellation Industry.

Exhaust Your Available Options

Organize Complaint & Documents

Determine Cancellation

Analyze Your File At No Cost

Enrollment in the VOC Service

Begin Course of Action & Find Resolve

Step 1. Exhaust Your Available Options: You should first attempt to contact your timeshare company for a contract release and research the resale market on your ownership to determine if you are able to sell your timeshare. If your resort is not willingly offering an acceptable resolution and you have deemed that your timeshare holds no resale value, ending the future obligation to your timeshare is still attainable. We help our customers navigate through a process proven to be difficult, in a dishonest industry, with a genuine and trusted approach.

Step 2. Organize Complaint & Documents: In order to provide you with a no-cost consultation, you will first need to complete our Eligibility Form. The form will request that you upload a copy of your most recent timeshare billing statement, your original timeshare purchase agreement and a copy of your deed(s) or point certificate(s) also known as a beneficial ownership certificate or certificate of ownership. If you do not have these documents, we can assist you in obtaining them. Simply contact us at 800-614-5288 for assistance.

Step 3. Determine Cancellation Eligibility: Not all timeshare owners may be eligible for our services. To determine your eligibility you will first need to submit the above timeshare documents as proof of ownership. While you may be hesitant to hand over personal information, understand that we need it in order to proceed. Once we have reviewed your submission and approved your eligibility, an experienced professional from our team will be in touch with you.

Step 4. Analyze Your File at No Cost: During your no-cost consultation you will be provided with a detailed understanding of the services we provide. We also supply an extensive amount of education on the industry as it relates to your situation so you can fully comprehend the value of our services. Helping you understand understand how to get out of timeshare contract is important.

Step 5. Enrollment in the VOC Service: We provide a one-time flat fee to enroll in our service, there are no hidden fees. We understand that it can be costly to hire an attorney at an average hourly rate of $350-$500 with no guaranteed resolution. This is why we developed an affordable solution where we absorb all costs as a company and consult our clients through our attorney-based, tried and true service. During our process, we consult clients while working in conjunction with industry specialized legal experts. This is what makes this service far more affordable. 

Step 6. Begin Course of Action & Find Resolve: Once you have completed enrollment, we begin assisting you in ending your future obligation to your timeshare contract. We also take the time to educate you on what to expect along the way. This helps prepare you for the process while providing you with an understanding of everything that’s going on. Peace of mind and clarity helps our clients seamlessly obtain a realistic outcome.


Remember, It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask Questions.

Many vacation owners make mistakes when they’re hopeful or trust the wrong people.
Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call our offices at 1-800-614-5288. If you’re looking for more information on how to get out of a timeshare, you can also visit our FAQ’s page or YouTube channel for further insight. Once you’ve exhausted all of your options and made the decision to legally terminate your contract, you can begin our process by scheduling a no-cost consultation or filling out the qualification form below.

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