While everyone’s situation is different, our staff is highly skilled and trained to accommodate the number of issues timeshare owners often have to face. As pioneers of the timeshare cancellation service, we specialize in eliminating the ongoing stress of unwanted timeshare expenses. We protect your rights against resorts and have mastered the art of getting out of timeshare contracts. Attempting to rent, sell or exchange can be difficult when a resale market doesn't exist. Here's some more information about our guaranteed exit program.

We’ve Been Helping Clients Get Out of Timeshares Since 2014

Learn more about our commitment to a quality cancellation process and what it’s resulted in.

  • We’ve served thousands of timeshare owners from around the world.
  • We’ve  responded to thousands of consumer complaints against timeshare companies.
  • We’ve documented over 500 complaints against timeshare resale companies.
  • We’ve successfully cancelled over $5,000,000 in abusive, scrupulous timeshare contracts since 2014.
  • We’ve become the top-rated timeshare cancellation company in America with 5 star exit reviews across Yelp, Angie’s List, Trust Pilot, Google, Facebook! We also take pride in our honorable A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

How We Get Our Clients Out of Timeshare Contracts:

The details behind our legal timeshare exit strategy that’s backed by 100% success rates.


Step 1. Exhaust All Options.

Before we can guarantee a seamless cancellation of your unwanted timeshare property, we have to detail our due diligence. You should only consider investing in our timeshare exit strategy after you’ve attempted to contact the timeshare company about your dispute. Our free consultations give you an opportunity to learn how to get out of minor timeshare obligations or come to a an acceptable resolution with the timeshare company. Once you’ve exhausted all options, we can begin to leverage a case against them.

Step 2. Gather Your Timeshare Contracts.

You’ll also want to include a recent bill, the original contract, and a “deed” or “points certificate.” If you do not have these documents, we can assist you with obtaining these docs at no additional charge. This is one of the main benefits of our services. Once we’re representing you, by law, the timeshare company is legally obligated to hand over any documentation regarding your contract. Simply contact us at 1-800-614-5288 for assistance with documents that will help you get out of your timeshare.

Step 3. Determining Your Eligibility.

Not all timeshare owners may be eligible for our services. To determine your eligibility you will first need to submit the aforementioned timeshare documents as proof of ownership. You will also be asked to fill out our online form that requests a written explanation as to why you wish to cancel your timeshare contract. This helps us understand your situation better and personalize your claim. Once we have received your submission and approved your eligibility, a consultant will get in touch with you to explain the cancellation process and provide you with a program proposal.

Step 4. Making a Fair Proposal.

Our representation fees will be quoted based on the type of timeshare you own. For example, if your timeshare is paid off and you are eligible for VOC contract termination services, our fee will be based on your annual or bi-annual maintenance fee amount. If you have an unpaid mortgage and you are eligible for VOC timeshare contract cancellation services, our fee will be based on the balance you owe. You may request a price guide from your consultant after you have become eligible for the program.

Step 5. Discuss Payment Plans and Options.

If your financial situation isn’t ideal, we offer no money down payment plans with 0% financing for the first 6 months. We understand that not all timeshare owners can pay upfront costs. Our goal is to help you apply the money you’ll save once we eliminate your financial obligations to the timeshare. Payments can be made directly through our website, or by using our app. Our consultant will provide you with our new client form. Once, you’ve filled this out, upload your documents and make a payment using our easy client processing form. We accept all major credit cards, check and money orders. Payment plans and a variety of options are available to those who qualify. Ask your assigned timeshare exit consultant for more details.

Step 6. Processing Your Cancellation File.

At this time, your payment has been processed and your file has been activated. Once this occurs, you will immediately be contacted by your account specialist and they will email and/or mail you a copy of our service agreement along with a copy of your receipt. This is where we begin explaining how we plan on getting you out of your timeshare contract. We go out of our way to make sure we’re completely transparent with the process and extend our availability throughout. At this point in time, we also begin the communication process with one of our contracted timeshare attorneys in order to get them up to speed with your file.

Step 7. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

Within the next 14 days we ask that you sign our “Power of Attorney” documents that authorizes our company and it’s attorneys to represent you. Your timeshare attorney is provided on behalf of VOC’s cancellation services and you will not be required to pay additional legal fees to get out of your timeshare. From this point on, all you need to do is kick back and let us do all the work for you.

Step 8. Avoid Contact with the Timeshare.

Stop all forms of communication with your timeshare company. This includes by mail, phone and email dialogue. Stop any payments you may be making. Your steadfast refusal to pay, combined with our efforts will result in the timeshare company having no choice but to take the property back. In order to get out of timeshare contracts, we have to make sure clients abide by this rule and trust our ability to get the job done professionally.

Step 9. Keeping You Up to Date.

We will begin to communicate with you about your file and give you updates as they happen. The timeline of our timeshare termination services can take as little as 30 days, and as long as one year to complete. Actual clients of VOC will be sent more in-depth details and updates of how our services work and as each step of the process completes.

Step 10. Enjoy a Better Quality of Life.

This is where you’ve officially gotten out of your timeshare obligations and/or terminated your agreement. Once the cancellation is in writing, we send you the original closing documents for your records. After you’ve exited our program, we provide you with access to a number of our timeshare ownership events, packages and specials. We also enjoy sharing our client’s stories and promoting your experience with our timeshare cancellation company. Your success might inspire other timeshare owners and encourage them to learn how to get out of a timeshare as well.

Let Us Help You Get Out of Your Timeshare

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call our offices at 1-800-614-5288. If you’re looking for more information on how to get out of a timeshare, you can also check out our FAQ video section on YouTube!

Check Your Eligibility

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