Why Timeshare Exit Teams Shouldn’t Be Easily Trusted During Travel Bans.


The Coronavirus has created quite the stir in the travel industry since March. While millions of travelers have been inconvenienced, none should be more disturbed than the timeshare owner. Some have been paying thousands of dollars to their respective resorts for decades now – only to be left without answers and a financial option for relief. Those that have lost their income have definitely got to be perturbed. While all of this is truly concerning, a bigger problem lurks in the shadows – where timeshare exit teams await desperate owners looking to stick it to the resort. 

Like we mentioned in last week’s article, a number of lead generation tactics are used to persuade buyers to hand over pertinent information about themselves and their timeshare agreement. To the naked eye, it’s nearly impossible to discern if a website pitch is real. In order to hire somebody that knows how to get out of a timeshare contract, you have to dig deeper. Otherwise, you’re ignoring the simple fact that thousands of people are eager to deceive you during a time where income is scarce.

Understanding the Intent Behind Most Relief Options.

As stated many times before, a majority of timeshare sales teams have been let go because of COVID-19. History has proven that many of these former employees continue to aggressively target vacation owners with alternative products. Since the interest in timeshare cancellation has recently increased, we can only assume the relief market will soon be flooded with even more deceit than it already is. 

So no matter how good a sales pitch may be, you have to understand what the foundation of many timeshare exit teams is. The more money they can make off of your desperation, the better. Until a company has proven they’re willing and able to help you, the best thing you can do is safeguard your information. Understand that most relief websites aren’t exactly timeshare exit teams. By submitting one contact form, you could open yourself up to a plethora of solicitations – some of which are scams.


How Timeshare Exit Teams Try to Get Away With It.

Advanced marketing and sales technology has allowed lead generation platforms to take over a majority of the timeshare exit marketplace. At first glance, these websites sound great. But this is because they’re designed to speak to your needs. Coming across as empathetic helps them garner trust. Tons of money tends to be spent on the front end to create a believable front stage.

While it may seem like they’re super enthusiastic about helping you get rid of a timeshare property, their only desire is to acquire you as a lead. Once they’ve done so, there are endless opportunities for them to make money off of your data. Especially if you’ve provided insight on your ownership experience. Placing your data in different pools of customers allows them to continuously sell your information to anyone willing and able to pay for it.

1. Remove Themselves From Any “Wrongdoing” 

Not only can this provide lead generating websites with an extensive amount of residual income, it also removes them from the process entirely. If your data happens to be sold to a fraudulent operation, then it really doesn’t matter. As long as they’re paid for the referral, it’s all they care about. Owner disputes are usually taken up with the timeshare exit teams they paid. Rarely do they remember who was contacted first. 

Even if vacation owners traced the solicitation-turned-scam back to a lead generation website, successful operations normally do a good job covering their tracks. Thousands of website landing pages on hundreds of different URLs are constantly rearranged to remove any previous breadcrumbs. 

A missing privacy policy along with hidden disclaimers are a good sign your information will be sold. Remember, websites that actually protect your personal data usually go to great lengths to guarantee privacy. Most contact forms include this disclaimer at the bottom. Websites that don’t disclose anything about privacy are essentially letting you know that there is no such promise – protecting them from most legal action.


2. They’re Not Lying About “Helping With Relief”

Don’t you just hate it when someone slaps you with a matter-of-fact response? Even though their argument may be technically sound, it still doesn’t make them right. Well, that’s kind of like the way most misleading timeshare exit teams go about explaining their “service”. In their eyes, they’re not exactly lying. If you take the time to carefully assess the content on some of these websites, then you can almost sense a layer of deceit.

Sadly, most companies that look good and sound good are seen as trustworthy in today’s society. Unethical operations that expose you to overwhelming solicitations are often the culprit of bad decision making. While they may claim that their intent is to help vacation owners find relief, they have to understand the devastation it causes.

When owners are desperate to escape an expensive timeshare agreement, they’re bound to settle on someone to help them. The problem is, large pools of good-looking predatory agencies are using former timeshare salespeople to hard sell owners. So what ends up happening is, a large percentage of them are scammed. When you’re overwhelmed with timeshare exit teams that are tailored to your needs, it can be hard to resist. So don’t let appealing promises deter you from your initial goal.

Why Do They Think They Can Get Away With This?

No matter how upsetting this may be, it’s difficult to hold phony timeshare exit teams accountable for their actions. Like aforementioned, many truly don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. Similar to timeshare companies, it’s easy to blame the consumer’s decisions and deflect responsibility. Those that got into the business for the money will never feel bad when it costs you.

How to NOT Fall For Timeshare Traps During a Pandemic.

First and foremost, don’t commit to any cancellation service until you’re absolutely sure they’re willing and able to provide the service. We can’t reiterate this enough. Understand that many of these sites will seem like they offer the service – but they don’t. If the overall presentation leaves this open for question, then it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.


If you do want to use a lead generation site to help you allocate options, just know that most are predicated on quantity and not quality. In other words, you can’t expect to hear from some of the best timeshare exit teams. Companies like ours don’t hire third party salesmen in order to convince owners to cancel their memberships. So, researching credibility and reputation is one of the best things you can do.

1. Always Question Credibility

Anyone can pay for notoriety and falsify information online if they want to. Plenty of businesses pay for likes and shares in order to make themselves seem credible. Some even steal the identities of real businesses to pull off scams. You must proceed with caution and not let visual appeal mislead you. Even after a website has passed the eyeball test, it’s still important that you ask as many questions as you can before committing.

Questioning the process or asking about company values and culture can be extremely telling. Anything that could throw someone off their sales pitch should be considered. Don’t be afraid to request evidence or contact information from previous clients before making a decision. Making the salesmen uncomfortable is a good way to elicit the company’s true colors. If they have ethical standards, then you’ll be able to tell right away.

2. Inspect the Entire Online Presence. 

Even when timeshare exit teams are able to pass these tests, it’s still a good idea to look elsewhere for red flags. One bad decision can cost you thousands of dollars and further headaches. Aside from privacy concerns, P.O. boxes, blocked servers, no public information and a lack of corporate transparency should concern you. Quality timeshare exit teams go to great lengths to ensure these areas aren’t in question. Checking for consistency across all online channels will provide you with clarity.

3. Assess the Purpose and Means of Content.

Minimal disclosure is a huge red flag. This is often exemplified by your current unwanted timeshare contract. If things didn’t work out in your favor with the resort then you can’t trust someone that’s selling in the same way. At the end of the day, entertaining videos or content don’t make the service good. Just because someone is charismatic with contagious energy doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy and true. All of these things are a simple element of the sale.

So don’t be fooled if you’re desperate during this pandemic. The more enlightened you become, the harder it will be for you to find accurate information. But this is a good thing. It means you’re avoiding loss and getting closer to finding an actual solution. 

Many timeshare exit teams pay celebrities and influencers like Dave Ramsey or Laura Ingraham to endorse their services. But you can’t simply trust a solution because somebody famous was paid to tell you to. Every timeshare contract and owner is different. It should never be only about the sale.


Consumers Want to Believe in False Promises Right Now.

If you’re trying to get help right now, just know that most timeshare exit teams will appeal to you. They know how you’re feeling right now and what to say to caress your ego. Many times this can blind you from reality. We’ve talked to plenty of vacation owners since the travel ban began. Many of them get defensive when they hear the truth from us because another agency told them a lie.

Many of you want to be told that exiting a timeshare contract is simple. But it’s not. This is why we take pride in qualifying all interested parties before processing any transactions. Sometimes, there is an easier way. So there’s no reason to let your pride get in the way. Sometimes, none of your options are ideal. But it’s better than investing in one that’s misleading. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be and always have a plan B.

Vacation Owners Just Need a Trusted Friend.

Similar to friendships, everyone needs a quality person they can trust and rely on. At VOC, we want to be that friend for timeshare owners. Successful businesses don’t bring in auditors to lie to them about the problem. They hire them to come in and assess the reality of the situation in order to provide the very best solution. Keep this perspective in your mind when you’re sorting through timeshare exit teams.

Be patient until the right company is found and never settle quickly. No limited-time offer or aggressive pitch will ever compare to the result that a quality timeshare termination company will provide. As you look, cherish and safeguard your private information until you’re confident about your decision. Finding relief during this time could be a huge weight lifted from your shoulders – if you do things the right way.


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