Diamond Resorts Updates Timeshare Owners During Viral Disease Outbreak.


For more than a month, the entire country has been patiently waiting for the Coronavirus to run its course. As more time passes, restlessness increases. While it may be difficult to know what the aftermath of the pandemic will bring for timeshare owners, it’s safe to say resorts are hoping things return to normal sooner than later. The longer paid travelers are forced to stay home, the more likely they’ll be looking for some sort of restitution. But will they get it?

At this point in time, it’s hard to tell what will transpire down the road. A majority of timeshare resorts have been rather quiet during this international lockdown. Even those that have spoke on the pandemic have been rather vague regarding timeshare ownership. Diamond Resorts is the latest conglomerate to offer a COVID-19 update. 

COVID-19 Update From Diamond Resorts.

The written statement on their website opened up by highlighting their current Coronavirus efforts. Diamond’s resorts “around the world” are stating they are housing “medical personnel and first responders” as they provide attention to those with the viral disease. They also took the time to comfort staff and team members while the doors are closed by publishing a link to a note from their CEO

While it’s good to know that the company is aiding those in need, it’s interesting that they made sure to start with their contributions. But it’s not surprising. Most good sales organizations know how to create trustworthiness in order to buy time. If you’ve ever taken the time to assess the art of the timeshare presentation, or the sales process in general, you’ll see that all pitches begin with a focus on credibility.

So What Should Diamond Timeshare Owners Think?

Although the information Diamond provides is valuable, highlighting closings and links to CDC articles, it doesn’t exactly reassure their highest paying customers. The update concludes with an eerie reminder of the way timeshare companies persuade timeshare owners to remain under contract. They long to be trusted as it buys them time. It says. “At Diamond Resorts, we take pride in providing exceptional vacation experiences to everyone. Our teams are available to answer any questions. Thank you for your trust and support, and we look forward to welcoming you home soon.” 

Nothing in the timeshare industry’s history books tells us they’re going to look to accommodate their owner’s inconveniences. COVID-19 updates from the industry such as this one doesn’t exactly encourage us to believe otherwise either. If you take the time to read the entirety of the statement, it goes on to explain how the resort plans to invest in “frequency and enhanced cleanings,” training courses on sanitation and an influx in disinfectant products.

It’s great they’re taking extra precautions but who’s paying for these things? Would timeshare owners see this as a benefit if they were to be held responsible for the added expense? While Diamond Resorts may be doing good by hosting the heroes of the pandemic, could the costs turn into maintenance fees or a special assessment? Is the resort hoping their genuine hospitality will discourage timeshare owners from complaining if they have to pay for something they don’t get to use? 

It’s not for us to say, but it is concerning to see all of these timeshare companies sidestepping the disadvantages vacations owners will eventually face. Thousands of people have already had to cancel their plans. How will an influx in bookings play out when the economy reopens? Who will gain precedent? While Diamond’s COVID-19 update did provide temporary “reservation options,” it’s still unclear how it will all play out. 

Diamond Timeshare Owners Will Just Have to Wait.

Today, the travel industry is experiencing a boat load of losses. For the average person, it’s hard to even wrap your head around the number of transactions that used to occur on a daily basis. Diamond makes it very clear throughout their article that government officials and health organizations are forcing them to shut their doors. A blockage of international travel is a problem for them as well.  But there are also thousands of helpless timeshare owners out there that simply can’t afford the purchase any longer. Let’s hope Diamond sees this as well.


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