2015 Florida Bill Increases Cap for Assessments at Buyer’s Expense.

Devastating financial blows, like special assessments, can really leave fractional owners reeling. This partly due to laws that limit the their ability to challenge unexpected costs. So today, we wanted to highlight a Florida bill from 2015 that enabled resorts to charge more for assessment costs while limiting the buyer’s ability to cancel timeshare contracts.

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Online Timeshare Advice by Keyboard Warriors Isn’t Usually Valid

When seeking timeshare relief, owners normally have no idea where to begin. Most file complaints or join online conversations to share their story with users who’ve experienced similar misconduct. When complaints aren’t pursued to their satisfaction, they have no choice but to find someone who can advise them on what to do with their timeshare.

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Timeshare Property Tax Lawsuit Favors Resorts in Maui County

Up to this point, all has worked out in the fractional owner’s favor as they weren’t exactly liable for the unexpected fees. However, future assessments are pretty much guaranteed to be on the horizon. Random expenses like these are eventually passed down to the owners who are perpetually obligated to pay their share on the vacation property. The lack of clarity amongst these mandatory costs is disappointing to say the least.

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Massanutten Property Owners Might Have to Pay Special Assessments.

Earlier this year, the Massanutten Property Owners Association was notified by the Great Eastern Resort Management team that weekly intervals would be terminated by the end of 2019. Since the MPOA expects revenue loss, property owners of the small tourist town in Virginia are worried about being forced to cover unpaid special assessments.

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The Timeshare Financial Burden is Causing Buyers to Cancel

For the most part, fractional ownership is one of those major purchase decisions that can be a shot in the dark. Whether potential buyers know nothing about timeshare travel or they are fully aware of the industry’s pitfalls, both are essentially rolling the dice when they don’t thoroughly analyze what they’re signing up for.

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How Timeshare Refinancing Actually Costs Buyers More Money

Most owners are eager to refinance their timeshare because they’ve been battling high interest since making the purchase. Like we’ve mentioned before, timeshare presentations do a great job of misleading potential buyers. Many would have never signed the agreement had the timeshare salesman not told them they could revise their borrowing rate shortly after signing.

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How Timeshare Financing Alters the Actual Cost of the Purchase.

At some point in time, you’re going to have to realize that whatever you were promised during the timeshare presentation is questionable at best. To the timeshare, it never happened if you can’t prove it. You’ve signed an agreement and they’re going to do everything in their power to collect the payments you already acknowledged – whether you agree or not.

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Fractional Owners Are Starting to Win Timeshare Sales Lawsuits

While a majority of timeshare grievances pertain to unethical advertising and sales tactics, the experience itself has been in question. Hundreds of buyers have consistently complained about the timeshare product while some feel they’ve been harassed to pay an amount they never agreed to.

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Timeshare Loans and the Unexpected Reality of Ownership.

When it comes to most major purchases, borrowing money is a common way to get what you want. The ability to easily do so in today’s culture is the main reason why so many people are in debt. Things that used to be out of reach can be had for “affordable” monthly payments.

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