Timeshare Exit Lawyer Disbarred Following Tennessee Federal Lawsuit

After processing 93 federal lawsuits and consumer fraud complaints against the so-called timeshare exit lawyer, the Supreme Court of Tennessee found that Phillips was actually fueling a handful of cancellation scams. He compiled user data by making financial arrangements with other companies that failed to persuade timeshare owners with their schemes.

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Experienced Fractional Owners Cancel Wyndam Timeshare Due to Lies.

In October of last year, Garry and Drue were asked to attend an owner’s update meeting when they checked into their resort in the Pocono Mountains. Their Pennsylvania timeshare, Christie Lodge, and RCI offered them a free breakfast to do so. They didn’t expect it to take very long. But when they arrived, they were surprised to see the meeting was for Wyndham.

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How Some Timeshare Exit Services Harass Vacation Owners

Searching around for timeshare relief shouldn’t be treated like most large purchases. Negotiating or trying to leverage your options just isn’t feasible in this realm. It’s not like searching for the best insurance quote or the best interest rate for a private loan. For the most part, your privacy is protected in those cases.

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Bill Passes in Favor of New Timeshare Sales Law in Arizona

Buyers now have a better chance to get out of something that can be perpetually difficult to deal with. Aside from post-purchase advantages, this law applies to anyone planning on attending a timeshare presentation as well as any Arizona resident. While consumers definitely won here, timeshare representatives were able to strip some of the original provisions.

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Florida Duo Claiming to Sell Timeshares Sentenced For Fraud, Money Laundering.

Nearly 10 years ago, Mark Gardner and Tammie Lynn Cline got together in a Florida boiler room to develop a fraudulent resale operation that targeted disgruntled timeshare owners. Universal Timeshare Sales Associates (UTSA) was launched quickly thereafter and a call center full of Orlando telemarketers were ready to execute the scam. In an attempt to cover their tracks, the duo claimed the headquarters of their timeshare resale company was in Beaverton, Oregon.

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VOC’s Checklist for Avoiding Timeshare Exit Fraud

Although timeshare exit fraud continues to grow, there’re always a way to battle misconduct. We believe the best way is to educate fractional owners on the reality of the industry. At VOC, we take the time to ensure all paperwork is validated and at your disposal. Transparency and availability has built our trustworthy reputation over the years.

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Identify Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Companies + Other Scams.

Trusting the misleading messages of 3rd party programs is more common when consumer regret brews with desperation. A majority of resale and cancellation services know this and use it to their advantage. Targeting unhappy buyers with an empathetic pitch allows them to persuade some to pay a lot of money towards bogus offers.

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Recent Timeshare Resale Hoax Exposed, Two Florida Men Plead Guilty

In 2015, St Petersburg residents, David Bell (55) and Troy Cater (30) were recruited to target people looking to sell their timeshare. Through 2018, both men played a key role in telemarketing to people who believed they’d been victimized by their timeshare company. Posing as real estate professionals, they claimed they had a pool of buyers looking for a property just like theirs.

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Exit Timeshare Agreements and Travel to Improved Destinations

While many fully enjoy their timeshare experience, others end up regretting their purchase altogether. After looking at the expense as a whole, a good number of owners begin looking at ways to exit their timeshare agreements. Even when the initial thought of exchanging, upgrading or selling seems promising, it’s never that simple. This makes it extremely difficult for users to follow through with their desire to move on.

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What You Can Buy With the Money Saved From Exiting a Timeshare Contract

After exuberating an enormous amount of patience, you’re finally free and clear of timeshare ownership. Whether you cancelled immediately or made the decision after many hope-filled years, exiting a timeshare contract can be a huge relief. Not only have you halted monthly payments and perpetual fees, but you’ve eliminated the frustrations of hindered vacations.

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Florida Man, 20 Others Sentenced in Vegas for Timeshare Resale Fraud

Falling victim to a scam is never on anyone’s to-do list. On the surface, many fraudulent operations seem legit. This was the case with Boyer and his co-conspirators. Despite there never being any “real” buyers, they went above and beyond to create online business “fronts” in order to manipulate over 1,000 timeshare owners. They also used fake identities and leased office spaces with actual map listings.

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What To Do After You Get Rid of Timeshare Obligations For Good

Before wiping the timeshare property from your recent memory, it’s important to set aside time to analyze the purchase. This will help you make more informed decisions and avoid future impulse buys altogether. When assessing your loss, the first thing you’ll want to do is acknowledge how much the timeshare actually cost you. From here, you can begin saving instead of wasting more money to recoup what you never received.

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Arizona Legislature Decides Not to Eliminate Timeshare Contract Perpetuity

What’s important about this decision is that most timeshare purchases are perpetual (lifetime) agreements. Once the cancellation window passes, it’s nearly impossible for owners to get rid of a timeshare. “At some point, these are adults that come to a meeting of the minds and want to sign a contract,” said Republican Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee.

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