Additional Questions To Secure Free Gifts at Timeshare Demonstrations

Listening to a timeshare offer can be a compelling experience when you’re blinded by possibilities. While timeshare vacations play out pleasantly for some travelers, making an informed decision is key. Unfortunately, far too many buyers don’t pay attention to the potential pitfalls in their pursuit of free vouchers or gifts.

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TCPA Class Action Against Marriott Vacation Club for Phone Solicitation.

As timeshare travel nears its 60th year of existence, consumers are beginning to grow tired of the sale. While most of the class action lawsuits we’ve covered pertain to the purchase itself, some filings occur when timeshare solicitations cross the line. This was the case in 2017 when Cheri Astrahan submitted a TCPA Class Action against Marriott Vacation Club for constant phone solicitation in California.

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California Timeshare Owners File Diamond Class Action Lawsuit.

When it comes to class action lawsuits against timeshare companies, unhappy buyers are usually frustrated by a lack of disclosure or because they’ve been being lied to. Whether they can prove their claims or not, most point out the level of inconvenience and the amount of money the product has cost them.

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How a Timeshare Mortgage is Nothing Like Homeownership.

Every year, (well, except 2020), tens of millions of Americans travel the country to escape the repetitive reality of their everyday lives. During these vacations, many become intrigued by timeshare opportunities that appear to offer annual trips at discounted rates.

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8 Things to Look For in a Timeshare Vacation Package Before Signing Up.

When travel bans and local restrictions cease, millions of tourists will be exposed to the ever-luring timeshare sale and thousands will be sucked into a presentation. It’s difficult to talk someone out of “the deal of a lifetime” when they believe it to be true. The point is, the only way to slow down the misinformed purchase of timeshares is to reach consumers before they’re sold. 

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Wyndham Files Counter Suit Against Timeshare Owner’s Representation.

A majority of the lawsuits we cover on our blog have to do with vacation owners seeking restitution. Whether the outcome results in a settlement or an extensive legal battle, many plaintiffs simply want to get out of their timeshare agreement. But what is one to do when the timeshare company (defendant) has their legal team file a lawsuit against your lawyers?

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Continuing the List of Lies That Timeshares Tell Consumers

If you were able to catch last week’s article, then you now know there is an endless list of lies that timeshares tell consumers. Nearly every timeshare complaint involves the initial transaction. Although we already covered most of the presentation’s tactical verbiage, there are lies that appeal to people – even after they say “No” numerous times. Whether buyers fall for any of the entry-level deception or not, one single lie can lead them down a confusing path of bad decisions.

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Florida Timeshare Tax Breaks Are Goal of Proposed Legislation in Orange County.

Every year, timeshares in Orange County (OC) incur about $175 million in property taxes. This is a big number that 2020 hasn’t been kind to. The barriers set by COVID-19 have drastically hindered tourism in Florida – especially in OC. Although local resorts own about $9 billion in taxable property and the industry itself has profited nearly $10 billion year over year since 2017, somebody is looking to lessen this tax obligation quickly.

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All of the Blatant Lies Timeshare Organizations Spew.

While an initial “free gift” usually carries a lot of intrigue throughout the timeshare presentation, there are a number of ways sales reps manipulate information in order to convince susceptible consumers. Since we’ve written so many articles on the topic already, we thought it would be helpful to try to publish an article with a compilation of all the lies timeshare organizations tell.

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Part 2: Maria & Luis Attempt to Get Out of Their Timeshare.

As they entered a new season of empty nesting, Luis and Maria were looking to celebrate their marriage. Going on vacation was their way of rewarding themselves for the house they built on foreign soil. “We work hard to save our money, pay bills on time and build up our credit”, said Maria. Like many hard-working Americans, the couple deserved a period of relaxation and reflection.

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