Un-Real Travel Business Facing Lawsuit After Scam Collects $136K

After receiving over a dozen complaints regarding failed cancellation services, the Arkansas Attorney General believes Real Travel duped their customers out of nearly $140K by using aggressive sales tactics and disturbing levels of deception. Her conclusion alleges they, “Preyed on consumers who were desperate to get rid of timeshares that they no longer wanted or could not afford.” Learn more..

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The Disadvantages of Using Timeshare Litigation Attorneys

If the timeshare property is rarely available and the costs continue to compile, many owners believe legal action is necessary. You can’t blame them when nothing they were promised transpires. They usually feel like they’ve been scammed by the resort so the trust is no longer there. It may also seem like everyone else that’s trying to “help” only wants their money too.

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Timeshare Relief Agencies in SW Missouri Aren’t Playing Fair

Similar to other vacation destinations across America, timesharing has a stronghold in Southwest Missouri. But the general public is beginning notice the level of deception going on behind the scenes. As the timeshare sales market dwindles (due to improved travel options), the region has turned into a hotbed for timeshare relief agencies. It’s safe to assume a majority of these “cancellation firms” used to sell fractional ownership.

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How Consumers Are Persuaded to Buy Timeshares

Instead of experiencing more bang for their buck, many buyers receive less than they expected for more than they anticipated. This is where the financial commitment can become extremely problematic. Once buyers are locked into a perpetual contract, timeshare companies focus on creating a demand for an improved experience.

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Bluegreen and Bass Pro Settle for $40 Million After Owners File Lawsuit

For nearly 20 years, Bass Pro Shops has allowed Bluegreen to sell fractional ownership in their stores. The agreement gave customers store discounts and other promotional items if they attended Bluegreen timeshare presentations. From 2016-2018, nearly 15% of Bluegreen’s revenue came from the retailer. It’s why they were so willing to pay Bass Pro $40 million to settle their differences.

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When You Should Cancel a Timeshare Within 5 Days

A good number of timeshare owners eventually find themselves uninformed because they don’t ask questions. Even though excitement can be blinding and disclosure is minimal (during sales presentations), there’s never a good enough reason not to double check a purchase of this magnitude.

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What Are the Four Types of Timeshare Purchase Contracts?

When it comes to making a decision on travel, a number of factors should play a role in your decision. Determining the details of your travel arrangements will help you participate in a purposeful search that will inevitably save you a lot of time and money. It’ll also help you know exactly what you want so you’re not swayed by thoughtful marketing efforts or thirsty sales teams.

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Deceiving Resort Fees Causes DC Attorney General to Sue Marriott

When you think about it, a lot of time and effort goes into planning a vacation. Once travelers make a decision on a hotel, most don’t want to start over – even after seeing there are additional costs from the resort. “Discovering these charges only after a consumer has started to book a room makes it extremely difficult to compare prices and make informed choices,” said DC’s Attorney General.

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4 Things to Look For in Timeshare Interval Exchange Companies

Before selecting an interval exchange company, you have to understand what you’re exchanging so you aren’t taken advantage of. A timeshare interval is the actual length of time that you bought from the resort. While most time periods come in week-long intervals, some resorts sell one tenth or a quarter (year) intervals.

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Timeshare Relief Company, Vacation Consulting, Accused of Misconduct

After recently investigating 10 midwestern businesses claiming to be timeshare relief companies, the BBB came to the conclusion Vacation Consulting has been “promising something they can’t guarantee they can deliver on.” Spokeswoman Laura Blankenship went on to say the Bureau has received hundreds of similar complaints regarding the company. 

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Timeshare Transfer Scam Lands Virginia Lawyer in Federal Prison.

Beginning in 2011, Deborah M. Wagner and her staff began working with a number of co-conspirators, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars through 3rd party transfer services. Her law firm, Wagner & Hyman, executed the transfers by using “straw purchasers.” They made a pretty penny transferring timeshare contracts into the names of stolen identities.

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More Companies That Couldn’t Get Rid of Timeshare Purchases.

Trusting 3rd party resolutions to help you eliminate a timeshare purchase isn’t always fruitful. Some buyers become so desperate that they become irrational. Predatory agencies love consumer desperation. Truth be told, some timeshare owners really get drug through the mud after they sign up for timeshare ownership. Here are few more ways how..

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Another Timeshare Resale Lawsuit by the Attorney General’s Office

Although Groupwise found it relatively easy to sign up desperate timeshare owners, they quickly realized they weren’t able to keep up with their promises. Since the resale market just doesn’t exist for timeshares, they couldn’t locate qualified buyers in order to cover client’s costs – so they simply bailed on all of their guarantees.

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Timeshare Relief Lawyers Settle Lawsuit with Diamond Resorts

Major hospitality developers continue to pursue timeshare cancellation companies in court. Whether the services rendered are legitimate or not, it’s obvious that timeshare companies feel threatened. Diamond Resorts International, for example, has pursued over a dozen actions against cancellation companies and timeshare relief lawyers across the country.

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