Woman Requests Timeshare Exit Refund After Deciding to Keep Condo.

When it comes to vacation ownership, many people periodically enjoy their weekly interval before growing tired of its limitations. Whether this be booking concerns or boredom with the resort’s destination, it’s difficult for consumers to see the value once the initial euphoria wears off. But this wasn’t the case for Gisele.

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Can I Sell My Timeshare? 4 Resale Items Worth Considering

After speaking with thousands of timeshare owners over the years, we’ve confirmed that a majority are completely misinformed on the way the resale market works. Some of our clients were even told that purchasing multiple agreements creates multiple revenue streams that’ll cover the purchase while allowing them to travel nearly anywhere.

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Timeshare Tax Assessments on Florida Resort Spark Lawsuit vs Local Appraiser

Despite the Osceola County Property Appraiser’s Office’s timeshare tax assessment of $92.85 million for both 2011 and 2012, Wyndham challenged the obligations of their resort, Cypress Palms, by alleging they only owed around $41.5 million total. According to court documents, Katrina Scarborough processed a proper valuation in Kissimmee, Florida.

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Are Christmas Timeshare Gifts a Good Idea?

Most family members absolutely love it when they receive free timeshare accommodations during the holidays. Although limited availability is usually the cause, some owners have excess weeks or a surplus of points that need to be used. This forces them to hand out intervals at the end of the year. While gifting a weekly interval may seem like a fine Christmas gesture, it can also backfire in a big way.

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Are Timeshare Promotions More Appealing During the Holidays?

Americans shell out an awful lot of money during the holiday season. The increase in indulgence is fairly apparent. From Black Friday deals to Cyber Monday specials, nearly every product or service looks to take advantage of loose spending habits during this time of year. The distractions give travel companies and resorts quite the opportunity to position timeshare promotions.

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How to Go About Qualifying Timeshare Information on the Web

No timeshare owner wants to wonder which deal is real or regretfully pay for a property they don’t understand. But in order for them to see through the nonsense, they have to educate themselves on reality. We’ve been able to prove that you can’t believe everything you read on the web. In most cases, it’s not that easy to verify the advice you receive. But ignoring ambiguity here can be extremely costly.

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Harbor Hill Resort Manager Sentenced For Embezzlement

After investigating consumer complaints from Harbor Hill timeshare owners, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) found that Donna Zoppi had been manipulating the resort to her advantage from the late 2000’s all the way until 2015. While the criminal actions of Zoppi were definitely disturbing, what she did wasn’t a simple case of stealing.

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Where Bias Timeshare Guidance Comes From Online.

Today, anyone can easily find an opinionated article supporting an idea that means something to them. This is dangerous in the timeshare realm because most unhappy buyer surf the web for help. When an owner feels scammed by the resort and wants to walk away from the contract and its fees, some online user is always eager to reassure them this is a smart decision. 

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