This Book Explains How Salespeople Close Timeshare Deals.

If you own a timeshare package, then you’re probably well aware of the smoothe-takers in the conference room. Sadly, many like you wish they would have just said “No.” While the presentation itself can be quite riveting, the experience rarely lives up to the hype. This is because timeshare companies pay cunning salespeople to persuade unsavvy consumers.

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How Should Timeshare Companies Invest Their Earnings?

When you’re able to control the marketplace with prominent government figures, businesses and investors at your back, greed tends to steer the ship. Before the timeshare market dries up completely, those involved want to make sure they’re able to collect every last drop of potential profits.

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Highlands Resorts, Another Christie Lodge Vendor, Sued for Sales Deception.

The state of Colorado determined that Highlands Resorts and Todd Herrick “Intentionally deceived, misled and financially injured consumers.” But the purported deceitful operation didn’t act alone. The lawsuit states that Highlands Resorts paid third party telemarketers (that weren’t legally registered) to dishonestly undercut law-abiding competitors.

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Why Timeshare Giants Ignore Owner Complaints and Attack the Exit Industry.

Uncovering the intentions behind most timeshare entities is quite difficult. Truth be told, it can be quite discouraging too. There is a lot of noise that overpowers the fact that buyers are suffering while timeshares are thriving. Last July, ARDA reported that the timeshare industry made $9.6 billion in 2017 – more than any previous year.

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Vacation Owners Claim Bluegreen Sold Timeshares Under False Pretenses

According to the U.S. District Court’s filings, the plaintiffs stated the timeshare interval was not only more expensive than what was originally presented to them, but the promised benefits never transpired. Attorneys Todd Friedman and Jason Whittemore wrote, “Contrary to claims made by Bluegreen sales people, annual maintenance fees on the units increased substantially each year.”

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Destination Timeshare Wedding Asks Guests to Pay For Cancun Trip.

After finding herself concerned with a wedding invite that her boyfriend wanted to turn into a vacation, Katie turned to a friend for advice. Upon hearing the details of the trip, the friend agreed that her hesitation was valid. Aside from expecting their guests to pay for airfare and lodging, the couple getting married told invitees they’d have to attend a timeshare presentation in order to come.

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Another Conspirator Sentenced for Orlando, Florida Timeshare Resale Con.

Last summer, we covered a large scale scam where Daniel “Wolf” Boyer paid dozens of co-conspirators to sell fraudulent timeshare resale services to vulnerable owners. While a majority have already pleaded guilty, the investigation presumes. Paul Michael Marciniak is the second primary co-conspirator to receive his sentence.

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The Acadia Village Resort is Leasing Back Timeshare Intervals From the City of Ellsworth.

When vacation owners walk away from resort obligations or legally cancel the contract altogether, most don’t realize the impact it has on the city in which the interval is hosted. A number of towns across our country have suffered from the inadequacies of timeshare travel. In recent years, the Acadia Village Resort, a once coveted property that’s located just south of Graham Lake in Maine, has not only struggled to retain timeshare owners, but attract them as well.

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angry mob cartoon with signs challenging timeshare lies during sale at podium with growing nose

4 Timeshare Lies That Resorts Commonly Tell Potential Buyers.

While the timeshare purchase is sold as an affordable expedition with ideal dates that are too good to pass up – you must understand that you’re still going to pay a premium to vacation this way. Nothing is guaranteed unless it is in writing and you should remain skeptical until evidence is presented or you’ve had time to compare your options.

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Default Resort Leader Embezzled Timeshare Owners for $2 Million.

When greed drives an organization, the consumer normally is the one that pays the price. This was especially true at the Caribbean Service Group (CSG), starting back in 2009 when the original owner passed away. Kathy Tice Craig managed The Woodbourne Estates Resort in Freeport, Bahamas into the ground by embezzling timeshare owners for her own selfish gain.

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$18 Million in Timeshare Resale Fees Stolen From Vacation Owners

Corrine Adams, an 83 years old widow, learned this the hard way. After purchasing a Hawaiian interval with her husband nearly 30 years prior, she decided it was time to move on from the expensive purchase. Her primary reason was the increased cost of maintenance fees. Once she hadn’t been able to travel to the resort for a few years, she grew tired of the unnecessary expense and didn’t want her kids to acquire the burden.

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Woman Requests Timeshare Exit Refund After Deciding to Keep Condo.

When it comes to vacation ownership, many people periodically enjoy their weekly interval before growing tired of its limitations. Whether this be booking concerns or boredom with the resort’s destination, it’s difficult for consumers to see the value once the initial euphoria wears off. But this wasn’t the case for Gisele.

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