7 Ways to Pay Timeshare Dues With Limited Resources in 2021.

traveler staring at no money in wallet when paying for bill and can't pay timeshare dues needs extra income in 2021

As the unprecedented pandemic ensues, many Americans are wondering how they’re going to be able to make ends meet in the upcoming months. With the government seemingly playing mind games, it’s nearly impossible for the masses to predict what happens next. Whether we go into more COVID-19 lockdowns or the economy opens back up, vacation owners are going to be required to pay timeshare dues. 

In what could be a year of limited resources, losses and compiled debts; hope is most certainly fleeting. At the same time, this is America. Unlike other countries throughout the world, capitalism is supposedly on our side. Many of us are equipped to not only help others through tough times, but progress monetarily. All you need is your back against the wall to make something happen. It could change your life forever. But not every American has this privilege.

Lingering Limitations & Minimal Resources.

When it comes to assessing the vulnerable during this time, many are struggling. Not only is aging and underlying health conditions causing fear, but those without skills or with limitations are worried about future compensation. Sadly, many of these people are vacation owners too. You see, timeshare companies enjoy targeting gullible, vulnerable consumers with their product. In turn, it traps many of them in perpetual payments– keeping them poor and handicapped by their health or physical capabilities.

Before the pandemic even began, a good number of timeshare owners were already struggling to make payments. Some of which haven’t even been able to use their property. Now that they’re even further behind and more limited than ever before, owning a timeshare can be devastating. While it may be easy to put your head in the sand and ignore the burden, it won’t be a fruitful decision.

Earn Money With Limited Resources to Pay Timeshare Dues in 2021.

With that being said, we thought it would be a good idea to share 7 ideas to make additional income so you can pay timeshare dues and avoid further penalty. Even if you’re limited or struggling as it is, there are plenty of ways to make ends meet during tough times – especially if you put your mind to it!

1. Make and Sell Crafts for a Cause.

No matter your age, there is always room for creativity. This is one of the easiest ways to make some additional money during shutdowns. Even if you’re unsure of where to start, there are plenty of tutorials, templates and ideas online. All you have to do is find something you can do, that interests you, and make it! From paper projects to woodworking to the utilization of random items around the home, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to let people know you’re doing something like this to help you pay timeshare dues.

older gentleman putting together wooden airplane for decor project selling online for revenue to pay off timeshare dues

The key to maximizing your profits is choosing something that most people would like. This ensures your target audience isn’t limited. You could make anything from apparel accents to home decor or even Valentines gifts. By the time you get the hang of making a few crafts or projects, you might even be able to start mass producing them. You never know, a simple hobby could turn into a profitable enterprise. Etsy, eBay, Facebook and Amazon give you plenty of online options when a neighborhood garage sale isn’t enough – or growth is experienced.

2. Tutoring, Teaching or Reading to Kids.

As schools and educational institutions continue to stumble through the uncertainties of COVID-19, many parents are beginning to homeschool their children. While this may be ideal for them, a number of families are said to have underestimated the experience. With job loss increasing and the sanity of the home fleeting, it’s not always the most convenient experience. Because of this, many parents are looking for help

The initial thought of spending time with children during the rampant spread of a “deadly virus” may worry you – but it doesn’t have to. Throughout this experience, digital communications have increased and improved for everyone. In other words, it doesn’t take a lot of time to jump on a computer to teach or read. Platforms like Grade Potential even manage background checks and communication for you.

Simple Teaching Methods Are Always in Demand.

If you’re not comfortable teaching a course, then you can always help people learn the english language. There are plenty of people overseas eager to learn from seasoned Americans. Taking some time to explore opportunities like these will normally broaden your horizon while easing discouragement. 

older woman writing while on computer helping students learn something new during down time of covid pandemic 2021 to make money

3. Find and Participate in Paid Surveys.

For the longest time now, paid surveys have been one of the most common ways to earn a quick buck online. Despite low payouts, it’s a simple way to stay busy. Many people, mainly college students, have put together processes and routines to maximize their payouts. If you can find a good groove and it suits you, then it may be all you need to make ends meet. Even if you find another job, doing something like this to pay timeshare dues is smart. It’s always best to get ahead when the near future can change at any moment.

4. Look for Personal Assistant or Scheduling Jobs.

Once businesses and other operations were shut down for an extensive period of time, layoffs were imminent. This means a number of front office staff members (like personal assistants, customer service teams and sales reps) have been let go. But it does not mean these roles cease to exist. In turn a number of entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners have turned to virtual assistants for help.

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment or feel as though you’re extremely organized, then you could find a career right now serving leaders. There are hundreds of thousands of professionals looking for competent help right now – some of which are launching new business ideas that you could very well be a part of. Look into websites with contract work or freelance opportunities to see if something suits you.

5. Get Rid of Old Possessions or Art.

In the United States, many homes include an array of clutter. For whatever reason, we have a hard time letting things go – even if things should really be thrown away. In most cases, each of us has something hidden that’s of value. If you’re really desperate to pay timeshare dues, then you might want to start sifting through your garage, closets and other areas of storage.

Old baseball cards, memorabilia, antiques and artwork are good places to start. If you’ve never gotten something appraised, now would be the time. Even having a garage sale could help you raise enough money to make ends meet for a month or two. The point is, you can’t hold onto everything if your finances are not in order. So take the time to determine what you really need and take care of your payments before a simple problem becomes worse.

glass items and classic toys for sale to earn more money to pay timeshare dues in 2021

6. Remote Sales or Medical Care Support.

Besides working as a personal assistant or scheduler, there are also plenty of sales opportunities right now. In fact, the government might even be hiring propaganda pushers right now. All jokes aside, a number of new technologies, updates and software has come out in recent months specifically for COVID-19 relief. If you take the time to look, a commissioned based sales gig may be worth it for the time being.

If this type of work isn’t your cup of tea, then start looking into opportunities in the medical field. When you think about it, phones are probably ringing off the hook for medical providers and emergency rooms. It’s more likely than not that they’re looking for people to help with patient care. For those of you that are better at listening than talking, this may be a good way to earn money. It might even turn into a career.

7. Start a Video Passion Project.

If you’re completely lost in a search for income, then one of the best things you can do is talk about it. Now that nearly everyone spends most of the day online, it’s a great time for inspirational people to find their voice. While this may be an intimidating idea, what’s going to happen if you don’t pay timeshare dues on time? Jumping on social media or starting a video channel to document your experience can be extremely fruitful if you do so with intention. Either way, the only way to get started is to get started.

Although it can be difficult to know what you’re going to talk about, vulnerability is a solid entry point. Before you know it, you’ll begin to garner a following that appreciates your digital company and authenticity. The more you communicate and interact, the easier it is to find something passionate to talk about. Whether it ends up being dieting, mental health, marriage, parenting, cooking, movies or a regretful timeshare – someone is always willing to listen.

woman cooking show started in 2021 to earn extra income during government lockdowns to pay off timeshare fees
Finding Traction Online Can Take Some Time.

In the beginning stages, do your best to ignore critical people and stay on track. In reality, most people just want to cut you down for doing what they’re unable to. Once you’re able to gain some momentum, you may be able to make money with paid advertisements or sponsored posts to cover your timeshare dues. 

Are You Tired of Paying Timeshare Dues?

At Vacation Ownership Consultants, we’re committed to providing a trustworthy, safe and effect timeshare cancellation service. Unlike most providers in the exit industry, we take the time to listen to prospects and understand their situations before making any type of proposal. Oftentimes, vacation owners simply need to hear what they didn’t know before. Nonetheless, our goal is to always point you in the right direction. 

For nearly a decade now, our attorney based process has satisfied 100% of our clients. Even if you don’t want to get out of a timeshare contract, we hope blogs like these help you make the most of your purchase. In the meantime, if you happen to have any questions or concerns, our consultants are only a phone call away.


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