How Our Timeshare Cancellation Company Got Started


A Brief Introduction to VOC

The founders of VOC have become known as the first entrepreneurs to develop a timeshare cancellation company that legitimately terminates paid off contracts as well as mortgages. Their empathy for timeshare owners sparked a movement that resulted in an entire industry geared towards eliminating unwanted timeshares.

Today, owning a timeshare can be a roller coaster ride. Over the years, we’ve heard thousands of stories that have given us a far greater respect for what timeshare owners actually go through. It’s been a constant reminder of what we stand for and what we initially set out to accomplish. Developing and sustaining our timeshare cancellation company has been a roller coaster ride in itself. We’ve been forced to adapt, simply to combat the same frustrations owners have been experiencing.

Since introducing the first attorney-based solution in 2014, we’ve seen hundreds of unethical companies ruin the perception of the timeshare cancellation industry. Not only do these predatory agencies make it difficult to get out of your timeshare agreement, they’ve made it harder for timeshare owners to see the value in our commitment to them. So, in order to shed light on our sincere approach, we decided to tell you more about our story at Vacation Ownership Consultants.

The Need Behind Timeshare Cancellation

In the mid-2000’s, before the owners founded VOC, they both worked as consultants in the vacation rental industry. They began to notice the high turnover rates of timeshare investors. Month after month, this trend continued while timeshare sales tactics intensified. They couldn’t help but wonder why.

During this time, the vacation market became flooded with alternative options to timeshare ownership. Resorts shifted their focus to upgrading current property owners in order to maximize revenue. Clients that didn’t want their current timeshare were sold on a different one – or another option perceived as “better.” When owners grew tired of being manipulated, new companies preyed on their hopelessness by offering phony transfers, exchange programs and selling platforms. As more “solutions” emerged, more frustrations surfaced.


Realizing the Reality of the Timeshare Industry

As time passed, these organizations began to face challenges. Timeshare owners became so unhappy that they refused to try anything else until the unwanted burden was eliminated. As skepticism grew, the founders scrambled to find reputable options to help their clientele. Instead, they discovered a world full of fraud and deception. After listening to stories from hundreds of timeshare owners about their experiences, they realized there was a serious problem.

As each day passed, they were exposed to more and more unethical practices by timeshare companies. Even back then, timeshare owners had a hard time accessing the inventory they were promised when they made the purchase. Not only were they unable to access the week they needed for their yearly vacation, they were forced to pay mandatory, ever-increasing maintenance fees. Timeshare owners also quickly realized there was zero resale value whatsoever for their investment. This prevented families from going on vacation while handcuffing their ability to save money for a replacement vacation rental.

Analyzing the Opportunity in the Timeshare Industry

From the founder’s perspective, this strategy defeated the entire purpose of owning a timeshare. As they continued to investigate, they found hundreds of fraudulent companies preying on timeshare owners who were desperate to sell their property. For the most part, a majority of these agencies were attempting to persuade owners to list their property on a bogus website with the promise of major resale opportunities. The Better Business Bureau put out a warning about resale scams.

Once the founders realized what was going on, they knew there was a bigger opportunity for them to solve a problem that had gotten out of control. They knew their integrity, experience and reputation in the travel industry would help them establish a sustainable business model. They finally decided to pursue their passion for helping frustrated timeshare owners was an easy decision.

After growing tired of hearing the sob stories, they set out to develop a service that actually delivered on it’s promises. From that point on, they committed to building a viable, reliable timeshare cancellation company that surrounded actual guarantees and customer empathy.


Setting the Timeshare Cancellation Standards

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, it’s been a roller coaster ride since the early days of our company. Although our concept was originally formulated in 2008, we’ve seen our fair share of challenges. For example, as we prepared to launch almost a decade ago, America was experiencing a major recession.

Aside from the economy working against us, hundreds of competitors sprouted up to undercut our genuine approach. Just like the predatory agencies in the selling realm, these companies began prioritizing sales tactics and revenue over service. Moreover, history was repeating itself and timeshare companies started developing schemes to combat our ability to cancel timeshare contracts effectively. They’ve spent a lot of time distracting people from our exit strategy in order to position their own initiatives. It’s a shame..

In the meantime, the founders knew they had to bolster the company’s value by adding experienced consultants and attorneys to their staff. Even though they were losing business to scamming organizations, they were committed to building their brand the right way. After years of research into the legalities of the timeshare industry, they officially launched Vacation Ownership Consultants, LLC. in 2014.

Not only has our company focused on terminating timeshare contracts, we’ve always been committed to helping timeshare owners allocate the best solution when they don’t qualify for our services. Before explaining our cancellation process, we make sure timeshare owners complete the necessary steps. Over the years, we’ve been able to sustain and scale our business by upholding these standards and over-delivering on our promises.


Staying True to Company Standards Amidst Scams

Our founders knew that in order to stand out, integrity needed to be at the forefront. It’s been difficult for them to watch competition pour excess amounts of money into misleading advertisements, deceptive celebrity endorsements and sales techniques. For whatever reason, these companies believe that getting to timeshare owners first eliminates the need. They believe that leading them back into the timeshare sales funnel will persuade them to keep spending.

In reality, it’s simply made timeshare owners more skeptical and less likely to invest. The founders knew that their reputation would eventually speak louder than the empty guarantees timeshare owners are growing tired of. They knew their patience and diligence over the years would pay off – for the company as well as timeshare owners.

By staying true to our standards and providing an ethical, trustworthy approach to timeshare cancellation, we’ve been able to stay atop the industry while other companies fade. To date, VOC is the only company with cancellation guarantees that are backed by 100% success rates!! Investing into the company hasn’t always been financially friendly, but the founders know that consistently putting clients first will eventually prevail.

Senior Consultant jeremy russo owner going over timeshare cancellation company got started with genuine interest and care integrity for vacation owners

Why Consider Our Timeshare Cancellation Company?

The facts surrounding timeshare ownership have been well documented by a handful of financial professionals, such as Dave Ramsey. There are plenty of advisory sites that encourage those considering a timeshare to invest wisely. Although not all timeshares end in a bad experience, we understand there’s always a way to enhance the satisfaction of your purchase.

We also believe that unhappy customers should have a choice. Responsible people that make poor investments should be given an opportunity to eliminate their obligation – especially when the timeshare industry works against them in almost every way. Hopefully our story helps you see the commitment we’ve made to addressing this epidemic.

We’d love to learn more about your situation so we can work together to find the best solution. Feel free to request a free consultation below or download our ebook to learn more!

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