Widow Wants to Abandon a Timeshare Left By Her Late Husband.

hands of older woman fondling wedding ring of late husband and the thought of owning his vacation property now seeks media help before abandon a timeshare

The Herald Tribune recently published a question-and-answer series that touched on the difficulties of escaping timeshare agreements. In the article, they describe how a widow was struggling to find a way to abandon a timeshare left by her late husband.

“I don’t want the timeshare [and] I just mailed the timeshare company the death certificate,” she wrote. Her husband, who passed from an unexpected heart attack, had no will, estate or probate case pending. Since her name was not on the deed, she was hoping there was a way for the obligations to cease.

Finding Answers for Timeshares Can Be Tough.

Like many others, she’s been burdened by something she never agreed to. Aggressive efforts by timeshare resorts often pressure people into making payments or assuming the responsibility is theirs. It can even cause you to feel as though you have to abandon a timeshare just to get it to stop. These types of situations can be extremely confusing and eventually burdensome without proper advice

Over the past few months, we’ve been taking the time to analyze the guidance given to those in situations like these. Oftentimes, online platforms have ulterior motives behind content distribution. Because of this, its imperative consumers are able to discern truth and think for themselves.  

How Did the Herald Tribune Respond?

Before answering the question directly, the online publisher did a good job of painting a potential picture of timeshare ownership. “For many vacationing travelers, the lure of a timeshare is too much and they take a leap of faith and buy one. Most — at least from our mailbox — don’t imagine there would come a time that they wouldn’t want it.” it read.

While it may seem like the author is avoiding the question, the lure of ownership is worth pointing out. “Many future timeshare owners go to the free’ lunch or dinner, checkbook in hand, and think that the initial payment is all they’ll be making. But five, 10 or 20 years later, they’re paying monthly for something that goes unused,” it said.

Responding in this way allows readers to know they’re not alone in the struggle and that it can come at the most unexpected times. They also take the time to explain the different types of timeshare contracts and how points programs are increasing in popularity. This is important because not every situation is the same.

The Concerned Widow Doesn’t Need to Do Much More.

When it comes to providing timeshare guidance or general information, offering a cookie cutter solution is irresponsible. Take our company for example. While we’re confident in our ability to end timeshare obligations, not every owner needs to hire us to do so. In most cases, they simply need to be educated or pointed in the right direction.

Sadly, many fraudulent operations look to take advantage of people like this – especially in the aging community. Since many of them don’t know where to turn, they fall for unnecessary expenses. Most believe they can truly abandon a timeshare without no strings attached. But it’s really not that simple.

The Actualities of the Widow’s Situation Explained

In other cases, there is no obligation to begin with. Therefore, responsibility is null and void. The author of the article had this advice to give: “Your husband purchased the timeshare in his name, and he has since passed on,” the response read. In other words, there was no reason for a timeshare to be abandoned.

“The payment obligations on the timeshare were your husband’s and when he died, that responsibility passed on to his estate.” Whether her late husband died with a will, assets or zero debt, the advice of the article was that it didn’t matter. Everything belongs to his estate – unless she saw to it that the timeshare was hers when he passed.

“As his surviving spouse, you are entitled to the timeshare but can refuse to accept it,” the article continued. Because the widow wants to abandon the timeshare he left behind, the timeshare company may not be able to hold her liable for payments. State law and the couple’s arrangements may impact this.

Finding Trusted Timeshare Assistance is Key

With that being said, the Herald Tribune advised the widow well by encouraging her to look into all of these things before settling on a solution. It was noted that sending her late husband’s death certificate was one of the best things she could have done.

While they may try to pursue her for obligations, certainty will pull her through. If you or someone you know is looking to abandon a timeshare, feel free to reach out. Speaking with someone who cares can truly provide clarity. The concept of abandoning a timeshare is worth multiple opinions, but only if you’re aware of the risks involved.


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