VOC Cancellation Video Review.

Timeshare owner finds solution to eliminate his liability.

Mr. Stratman: I didn’t really have a bad experience with timeshares. We used it a few times. My wife and I bought it. We were young and naïve at the time, over 30 years ago. In ’94, she left her job to be a full-time mom and I lost my job through riff three months later. I went from making really good money to zero. We fell behind in our maintenance fees. They were never too high anyway, only about six, seven hundred dollars a year. We were able to afford that. After we ran into problems financially, we couldn’t afford that. Then we ended up in foreclosure and that started to be a big headache. I paid myself out of the foreclosure ’cause I didn’t want to hurt my credit. I didn’t know anything about getting out of the timeshare. Then, we were using it anymore. I wanted to get out of it.

Mr. Stratman: I had a lot of unscrupulous people, companies, talking to me, trying to buy it, sell it, lying to me. I imagine I had one that even sent me a contract for $14,000.00, and it was very skeptical. Even their speaking to me, what they said to me was crazy. This one agent said, “I’ve got this buyer and his wife is going crazy, wants your unit.” It just didn’t make sense. We didn’t sign it. It was bogus.

Mr. Stratman: I went to multiple presentations at hotels, people talking about being able to get you out of your timeshare. Must have been a dozen times. They were very expensive and they were promising too much. I didn’t believe them. Plus, their fees were so extraordinary, and I figured that one day I’d come up with this huge amount of money, and pay myself up, and pay my maintenance fees up, and keep on going.

Mr. Stratman: We tried to rent ourselves out of it every year. They would never rent all seven days of it. They’d only rent a few days here, a few days there, and we still had money to pay every year. This was a huge headache for me for years and years. We bought this unit over 30 years ago, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. It was like an anchor. I didn’t know what to do. It just dragged me down, sort of, worried about it over and over again for years. VOC answered that problem and took it away from me, like it never existed, very painlessly, too.

Mr. Stratman: I went to a home show and ran into Sherry, and she was very believable and explained to me that we can get out of it. I didn’t really believe that anymore. I took a chance and accepted everything she said. Lo and behold, it was fantastic. It was true. I’m out of it. It was quick, it was within a few months. VOC was done. At the time, I was concerned because we were buying a new house, is this going to go on my credit? Never did go on my credit. It still is not on my credit. It’s like it never even existed.

Mr. Stratman: I don’t have to worry about the timeshare. My wife passed away four years ago, so now it’s all on me. Then I find out that it’s in perpetuity. My kids get it and I didn’t want my kids to have to be burdened with this timeshare. They’re not gonna use it, probably. They’d be burdened with the maintenance fees. That was the biggest thing, the biggest reason to get rid of it, was my kids.

Mr. Stratman: I recommend VOC 100%. I’m out of my timeshare and I’m very happy about it. Yay!

What’s There to Learn From Our Client?

Making a decision on cancellation is a big deal. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself being drug through the mud – not by only the timeshare resort, but also third party exit services. Scam artists know how to prey on the desperation of vacation owners and many smart consumers fall victim to sales fraud.

Looking into all of the options presented to you as a “solution” may be exhausting, but well worth it in the long run. Hopefully this VOC cancellation video review helps you better understand this. At the end of the day, we take pride in educating timeshare owners before offering them anything. Helping you make wise decisions will always be our end goal.

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