Timeshare Termination Company Reviews.

Mr. & Mrs. Crossley Were Happy leaving timeshare with VOC

Mr. Crossley: Well, originally when we signed up for it, everything was really good. Association fees, whatever they were quarterly, were pretty low, but you could only use that one week every two years, and so the rest of the time, I mean, you were stuck. You were just paying the association fees. Well, just over time, those association fees just went way up.

Mrs. Crossley: What was it, $1,500?

Mr. Crossley: Fifteen hundred.

Mrs. Crossley: Yeah. We were way overpaying for what we were getting. We were paying at least two grand for two years, and we only got to use it once, once a year. And the lady even told us, “Well, maybe this is not for you.” Yeah, maybe it’s not for us.

Mrs. Crossley: We actually went to another timeshare meeting, and they told us we were stuck with it, that the only thing we could do was buy more. There was no way we could get out of it, that we could just add to what we already had.

Mr. Crossley: I think just the process of writing a check for almost $200 every quarter, we were looking, basically, to get out of that. And, this opportunity came along and we said, “Hey, let’s look into it and see what they got.”

Mr. Crossley: If you had any questions, you could call, it was very easy to get ahold of somebody. Filling out the paperwork was nothing, which was great. They were saying, you know, it was gonna take a little bit of time to get out, and actually, I think it was a little bit quicker than you had originally said.

Mrs. Crossley: To me, it didn’t feel like we really had to do much besides just give you the information, and you ran and did your part on it.

Mr. Crossley: It took us, originally I think it was like six months, originally, is what you told us, and then I think it took, I think it was like four or five months. And like I said, we didn’t have to do anything, which was great. You know, we filled out a couple of pieces of paper and you guys took care of everything, which was fantastic. And to know that you’re out of that and don’t have to write a check for $200 every quarter, very happy.

Mrs. Crossley: Yeah. Very happy.

What We Can Learn From the Crossleys.

Most of our timeshare termination company reviews involve a number of mistakes made throughout the cancellation process. Whether owners seek restitution from the resort or spend money on resale “opportunities” – the result is rarely fruitful.

The Crossleys took the time to exhaust all of their options with the timeshare company and review the perks of the “solutions” before buying in. From here, they researched the third party marketplace for cancellation methods worth comparing their options to. In the end, they turned a less-than-ideal situation into a best case scenario.

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