Retired Arizona Couple Warn “Do Not Buy Timeshares”

Maria: Don’t get a timeshare because they give you a free night, and you are stuck with a lot of money into it. Never accept any. Nothing is free because you’re going to pay a lot of money.

Brian: We can go cheaper by paying for motels than we could through the timeshare. Every time they want: freaking charges this, charges that. It was getting so that we just could not afford it.

Brian: We can’t leave this for our children. They’ll laugh at us.

Brian: We’ve been trying to get out of the timeshare for a while. We hired VOC, and they were very nice.

Maria: We were so happy to work with them because they helped me. They talked to me, and I have a lot of questions. They work with you. You be patient, and they are very nice to you, and they’re happy with whatever you wanted to do. No problems. Any questions you have, you just ask, they are there for you.

Maria: They told us one year and there was nine months. And I’m so happy for it.

Brian: My name is Brian Bresnahan and I’m a proud USDV veteran. I served during Vietnam. I would like to let everybody know we are finally rid of our timeshare, and we are the happiest people on earth.

Mike Cantrell: Thank you so much for your service.

Brian: Thank you.

Mike Cantrell: And thanks for doing business with VOC.

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