Timeshare Exit Testimonial Video

A Positive Message for VOC from Mr. Davis!

Mr. Davis: It was a spur of a moment and right after I bought it I was kind of discouraged and thought I’d made a big mistake but then I decided to stick with it. Then on my first trip there, it was really bad. There were cockroaches in the room, it was on the third floor, which wasn’t real accessible for my wife who had COPD. The amenities were average, not great and I was really disappointed because I’d seen some of the ones that were on a fairway and I thought myself that’s what I was going to get. It wasn’t what I got.

Mr. Davis: I just paid for ten years not to use it. I was paying 120 plus and it kept going up until it became about 154 a month. The money I have saved so far is enough to make it worthwhile, but over the next ten years, at that price, it’s over $10,000.

Mr. Davis: Well I had gone through a couple of other companies trying to sell the condo and get out of it that way and both times I was very disappointed because all I got was a listing, no more phone calls, no more information and it didn’t sell obviously. When I saw your ad, it sounded a lot more acceptable and I tried it and this is the result. The results are very good. It took less than four months to get out of the condo.

Mr. Davis: I didn’t necessarily make a big bundle by selling it, but I got the pressure off my back. I had promises and nothing ever happened, but with your company you kept me informed, I got a letter from a lawyer saying that it was being processed and three months later I’m out of it and I’m happy.

Mr. Davis: Thank you. I really appreciate it, truly.

What’s the Lesson of this Timeshare Exit Testimonial?

Far too many consumers purchase a timeshare and expect it to be fruitful over time. If the property doesn’t play out the same way it was described during the sales presentation then immediate action needs to be taken. A majority of disgruntled owners sit on their hands and the further they get away from the point of sale, the more difficult it is for them to find a viable solution.

Timeshare companies focus on the suppression of contract terms to collect as many payments as they can. As soon as the value of the product is seen for what it is, documenting the experience is key. While Mr. Davis finally was able to escape his perpetual agreements, thousands of dollars were wasted in the process. 

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