Failed Timeshare Refund Causes Alabama Man to Hire a Lawyer


Many aspiring travelers can’t afford luxurious getaways and the timeshare industry speaks to them well. Upon purchase, most are led to believe they’re receiving a bargain. But down the road, they realize it’s not that great of a deal after all. While plenty of vacationers enjoy fractional ownership, it’s not for everyone. The problem is, it’s rather difficult to get out from under timeshare contracts. Will Sims, from Pickens County, Alabama can now attest to this. He’s currently working with an attorney after failing to receive the timeshare refund he was promised.

Sims came across the timeshare opportunity while he and his newly-wedded wife were checking into a Florida hotel prior to sailing off on a cruise for their honeymoon. But he wasn’t necessarily intrigued by the resort’s initial pitch. Matter of fact, Sims wasn’t given much of a choice but to tune into their Pompano Beach timeshare offer. “Before we could go to the hotel, we had to go to a meeting,” he recalled.

How the Timeshare Company Basically Forced the Couple to Buy

Even though the couple was abruptly forced to attend the timeshare presentation, Will and his wife didn’t want to start their trip off with conflict. They figured they’d be able to take a peak and walk away after being courteous. All they wanted to do was check into their hotel and enjoy the waking hours of their marriage. Little did they know that the inconsiderate approach was a sign for what was to come. 

After telling the timeshare salesmen that fractional ownership just wasn’t for them, Sims started to notice the aggressive nature of the sale. The high pressure tactics continued even after he told them he couldn’t afford it. Sims started to realize that the only way he and his wife would get any alone time was if he were to say, “Yes.” What inevitably gave him peace of mind was the salesman’s ploy that he could process a timeshare refund within 10 days. 

The buyer’s right to rescind their contract is a big reason why a majority of new fractional owners give in after long hours at the presentation. In hindsight, Sims now sees that the inconvenience really played to the timeshare’s advantage. Holding people hostage at the start of their vacation is “probably the easiest time for them to make this kind of stuff happen,” he said. “During that time I was more susceptible, I guess, to what happened.”

A Timeshare Refund Wasn’t Given During the Rescission Period. 

When their honeymoon was over, Will had a chance to review the contract with family and friends. After minimal thought, he decided to dump the timeshare instead of keeping it. But the rescission process wasn’t anything like the timeshare reps made it out to be. “I tried several times to get a hold of them in that 10-day window and the only people I got a hold of told me that I got to call somebody else back. It was a very painful process,” said Sims. Although he followed the cancellation instructions to a “T,” the timeshare refund failed. 

To date, Sims claims he’s already paid the resort over $12K. Now that he has legal representation, he’s trying to pursue the best course of action. At the same time, you can easily see he’s on the verge of paying his Lawyer a lot more money for no resolve. Instead of simply terminating the agreement, he’s set on making the timeshare company pay for his inconvenience. “I’d like to see me being the last one that this ever happens to,” Sims said.

Scams Are Overwhelming in the Timeshare Relief Market.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sims is not the first and he won’t be the last. If you find yourself chasing a timeshare refund, hiring a reputable exit company to guide you is your best best. Attorneys and inexperienced relief programs typically only add to the damage control. If you’d like to learn more about our attorney based process, you can always schedule a free consultation or proceed with the qualification form below.


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