A Timeshare Market Analysis For 2015-2020 by The Global Research Report.

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Vacation ownership has changed drastically over the past 10 months. Even if you know nothing about the industry, it’s easy to understand the burden of those paying for something they cannot use. At the same time, timeshare travel has been on a steady decline for years now. While the immediate outlook may seem bleak, a recently published timeshare market analysis tells us major resorts don’t plan on slowing down.

On the surface, it may appear that all businesses are suffering through COVID-19. But not every corporation is hurting as bad as one might think. For example, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft have seen record profits due to lockdowns. Despite their losses, timeshare companies have had billions of dollars in past earnings available to tap into. They’ve also utilized massive layoffs, federal bailouts and tax breaks to balance the setbacks of 2020

Most entities don’t have the luxury of collecting obligated payments from fractional owners. So why are most timeshares publishing COVID updates that surround their hardships and not those of their perpetual customers? Before buying into the appeal of a timeshare vacation, this is an important question to ask. Either way, a timeshare market analysis, like the one published by The Global Research Report (GRR), can help consumers determine if vacation ownership is a wise decision.

Timeshare Travel Isn’t Always as Great as it May Appear.

In reality, the timeshare market is a complex game of smoke and mirrors. Timeshare resorts are for profit businesses. Since there are a number of different factors that alter the cost of industry products (location, star ratings, accomodations, services, taxes, etc), it’s hard for the average consumer to know what a “deal” is. In other words, they rely on the timeshare company to advise them. 

Since most people are uneducated on the product and a market is fueled by demand, sales teams usually lie to manipulate value and create false hope. The aggressive nature of the presentation doesn’t give prospects a chance to stop and think things through. Sellers don’t want their targets to research on their own – and even when they do, the internet is full of misleading information and biased perspectives.

credible timeshare market analysis by the global research report for trends from 2015-2020 and future purchases

So, What’s Included in The Global Research Report?

The purpose behind GRR’s timeshare market analysis is to show the competitive intensity of the industry and how it might take shape in the near future. Now that Wyndham has bought out Travel + Leisure and Marriott is acquiring Welk Resorts, the push for new acquisition is on the horizon. In other words, preparing for aggressive sales strategies is key to avoiding financial pitfalls in 2021 and beyond.

For those interested in reviewing the report, they can expect a detailed analysis on timeshare definitions, applications, classifications and other industry specifics that tend to be manipulated during sales presentations. It also explains cost structures, product disclosures and the impact that COVID-19 has had on industry dealings thus far. Markets are also broken down by capacity, consumption, prices, gross margins and other elements that provide clarity on product value and returns.

One of the most insightful reports from the timeshare market analysis is the section on supply and demand trends. This in itself enhances price consciousness. The 360º breakdown shows the latest economic advancements and the fiscal data of the major conglomerates that are currently preserving the market. The history of every geographical region in the world is also used to project future dealings. The concerns, shortcomings, stability, threats and opportunities of every timeshare entity is included.

What Else Does the Timeshare Market Analysis Tell Us?

Aside from segmenting the types of marketplace timeshares (fractionals, travel clubs, right to use (RTU), private, group, etc..), The Global Research Report also identifies key emerging companies. Hyatt, Hilton, Disney, Diamond and Bluegreen join Marriott and Wyndham on this list. The timeshare market analysis also goes into detail about value chains, the trade scenario and even Porter’s Analysis.

In case you’re disinterested in some of the political, social, economic and technological specifics of the industry, there are plenty of other questions the report helps answer. If you want to learn more about vital challenges or the key driving factors of the global timeshare market, you can. COVID-19 has most certainly hindered growth and you could find yourself a part of their recovery plan if you’re not careful.

As of Wednesday, February 3rd, a sample report is now available for download.


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