Los Angeles couple loses over $200,000 on timeshares

Larry Howe: We bought timeshares, and they worked for a while because we used them, but they turned into more of a liability than an asset. You can’t sell them. If you don’t give your children something that’s worth passing on to them, you give them a debt that you pass on to them that they can’t manage.

Larry Howe: Initially, when we wanted to get out of these timeshares, we tried to sell them. You can’t sell them. You can go on Craigslist, and you can’t sell them for a dollar, because they’re not an asset. They’re a liability.

Larry Howe: Then, we went to these companies that call us. They want to tell you that they’re going to rip the thing out. All they are is a scam. They always want money upfront, and they never deliver.

Jean Howe: We hated all this harassment, but VOC really came through. We got rid of one of our timeshares down at Fort Lauderdale very easily, and now they’ve gotten rid of a second one, and dumb me, I have a third one, and we’re getting rid of that, also. VOC is very efficient and very nice, and no hassle, and no harassment.

Larry Howe: We were scammed for over $200,000. Vacation Ownership Consultants was able to get us out from underneath this scam, and this liability.

Jean Howe: Now, we’re not paying any maintenance fees, because every month I had to pay a maintenance fee to this timeshare, and another maintenance fee to the other timeshare. When I stopped paying those things, I noticed my bank account is actually pretty stable. It’s wonderful.

Larry Howe: Our maintenance fees were like $2,500 a year. Every year. They keep going up.

Larry Howe: I’m Larry Howe, and I am not an actor. I’m saying this because I believe that VOC is a good thing for you, because if you want to get out of crooked practices in real estate and timeshare practices, go to them, and they’ll get you out from underneath it.

Larry Howe: This is my wife, Jean, and we’re not actors. We’re saying this because we believe it’s true.

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Rated 5 out of 5 Based on 84 reviews
May 01
Debbie Cline
Hallelujah, we are FREE! Thank you VOC
If you're looking to get out of your timeshare agreement, and looking for someone honest and trustworthy to do that job for you, then VOC is your group. Wyndham was less than honest with us as ...
Apr 28
Laniece Simmons
Vacation Ownership Consultants were outstanding!
Vacation Ownership Consultants were awesome! They were precise and told me up front what to expect out of the process. They carried out everything they said they would do. I received responses to q...
Apr 13
Debbie Staples
VOC took all of the stress out of the process.
We've tried to get this timeshare off our books ever since we purchased it. We talked to many companies to help us get out of ownership without any luck. When I stumbled on VOC at the Phoenix ...
Apr 10
Erica Andujar
VOC team was and is absolutely helpful…
VOC team was and is absolutely helpful through this frustrating and confusing time. I got scammed into a timeshare and VOC talked me through it and got me out of what I thought to be a life time st...
Mar 26
Great company
Great company, delivered as promised
Mar 25
Marinda and Berhnard Van Der Merwe
We had a great experience with VOC
We had a great experience with VOC. It took just over a year to change our deeded timeshare back to Island Links Resort, Hilton Head Island. A huge weight are lifted from our shoulders because we ...
Mar 23
Mary Blake
The best at what they do!!!
From the initial call to every call during the process, everyone has been so nice, professional and informative. The process was easy and simple and It feels so good to be free of that timeshare. T...
Mar 18
John Hagedorn
Vacation Ownership Consultants did a…
Vacation Ownership Consultants did a great job of getting me out of my time share legally. Wendy and the other consultants do a great job of telling you what the process is and roughly how long it...
Mar 06
John Linkus
Great People to work with
Great People to work with. Any questions I had they answered them and were on it to resolve any problems
Mar 03
Greg Ocello
They said what they would accomplish…
They said what they would accomplish and they did just that. Took nine months but I am out of the contract without affecting my credit rating. I would recommend them to anyone trying to give up t...
Feb 22
Don Damm
Wyndham Time Share Cancellation
I contacted Vacation Ownership Consultants to cancel the Time share I bought from Wyndham. It was causing me great hardship and worries from the Bills I was receiving. It just over One Year The can...
Feb 19
Jim Preston
VOC will help you legally with your Timeshare!!
I have spent years trying to get rid of my timeshare and have been scammed twice with a loss of money that was never recovered. Then VOC came into my life and threw me a life line. I contacted Wend...
Jan 31
Shatone Foster
I had a great experience with VOC
I had a great experience with VOC! They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The process took about 9 months but I finally got the official paperwork and a huge weight lifted off ...
Jan 30
Robert and Lisa Richardson
Chose VOC to get out of your timeshare
VOC are the company to use if you need help with getting out of your timeshare. Wendy D. and team were awesome! They are true to their words and commitment. Our experience was just as advertised....
Jan 20
Gary Cannon
VOC helped us get out of our time after…
VOC helped us get out of our time after having the time suspend our membership and block our use for not paid hoa money the way they felt we should. We then began recieving letters so we decided to...

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