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Los Angeles couple loses over $200,000 on timeshares

Larry Howe: We bought timeshares, and they worked for a while because we used them, but they turned into more of a liability than an asset. You can’t sell them. If you don’t give your children something that’s worth passing on to them, you give them a debt that you pass on to them that they can’t manage.

Larry Howe: Initially, when we wanted to get out of these timeshares, we tried to sell them. You can’t sell them. You can go on Craigslist, and you can’t sell them for a dollar, because they’re not an asset. They’re a liability.

Larry Howe: Then, we went to these companies that call us. They want to tell you that they’re going to rip the thing out. All they are is a scam. They always want money upfront, and they never deliver.

Jean Howe: We hated all this harassment, but VOC really came through. We got rid of one of our timeshares down at Fort Lauderdale very easily, and now they’ve gotten rid of a second one, and dumb me, I have a third one, and we’re getting rid of that, also. VOC is very efficient and very nice, and no hassle, and no harassment.

Larry Howe: We were scammed for over $200,000. Vacation Ownership Consultants was able to get us out from underneath this scam, and this liability.

Jean Howe: Now, we’re not paying any maintenance fees, because every month I had to pay a maintenance fee to this timeshare, and another maintenance fee to the other timeshare. When I stopped paying those things, I noticed my bank account is actually pretty stable. It’s wonderful.

Larry Howe: Our maintenance fees were like $2,500 a year. Every year. They keep going up.

Larry Howe: I’m Larry Howe, and I am not an actor. I’m saying this because I believe that VOC is a good thing for you, because if you want to get out of crooked practices in real estate and timeshare practices, go to them, and they’ll get you out from underneath it.

Larry Howe: This is my wife, Jean, and we’re not actors. We’re saying this because we believe it’s true.

What We Can Learn From Their Timeshare Review.

Thelma Jean and Larry unfortunately fell for a number of timeshare traps while looking for an ample vacation that allowed them to enjoy the later years of retirement. Instead, the aging couple found themselves battling something that wasn’t ideal for their deteriorating health.

Millions of seniors are currently experiencing the same thing and timeshares profit tremendously. Helping you understand the importance of competent relief and providing a trusted solution is what it’s all about. 

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