Prominent Timeshare Platform Shares Their Top Cancellation Companies.

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When it comes to escaping a timeshare, nearly every step of the process comes with an array of pitfalls. From desperation to deception, disgruntled buyers need to know how to discern every turn. While a number of sales pitches appear to speak to you, nothing in this industry is as it seems. Like last week’s article pointed out, not all content is trustworthy. Just because a prominent platform or timeshare exit review site publishes a list of their top cancellation companies – it doesn’t mean the best of the best is included.

You see, this industry is all about beneficial bias and untraceable kickback. Nearly every entity involved in each timeshare relevant niche is connected in some sort of way. In fact, timeshare companies themselves have been merging and acquiring each other’s resorts for decades. 

Quality Information in the Timeshare Industry is Rare.

No matter your first impression of our business, we’re not here to talk you into signing up for our services. We pride ourselves on showing you how to identify false statements that can lead you down the wrong rabbit hole. Once you’re able to avoid the noise of the industry, you’ll be able to find a company that truly cares about establishing an escape plan

First and foremost, everyone ought to realize that timesharesonly.com and American Resort and Development Association (ARDA) are pro-timeshare. Based on their messaging, one can speculate that they have interests in new timeshare sales and owners remaining compliant with their agreements. Any resource that helps relieve owners of timeshare obligations is seen as a threat by the timeshare industry. 

Not All of the Article’s Intentions Are Unfavorable.

Like most organizations, the publisher’s online strategy is geared to cater to their mission and own set of goals. Owners need to understand that business is business. Any and all consumed information should be digested with a grain of salt – no matter the resource. The more understanding you have, the more clear your perspective will be. Assuming that all prominent timeshare platforms are focusing on your best interest before theirs is ignorant.

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No matter what you’re reading online these days, it’s important to read between the lines before taking anything too seriously. So let’s take a look at this recent article published and give a second opinion on some of the guidance. 

Communication With Timeshare Resorts Is Important.

Instead of immediately going into detail on the article’s top cancellation companies, the consumer-focused platform starts off their article with a statement we can definitely get behind: contact the resort. Every owner (or consumer for that matter) should most certainly speak with the companies that they are having issues with to find reasonable resolve. In fact, there’s no easier way to gauge the possibility of settling the matter than with the company directly. 

At the same time, determining what is a reasonable offer from a timeshare company may be easier said than done. Although it can feel good to voice concerns or frustrations, it doesn’t mean you deserve favor. Remember, timeshare employees are experts at deflection and motivated by high sales commissions. Using your emotions against you is too easy.

False Hope is One of the Biggest Deceivers.

No matter how good something they say may sound, it’s always best to pursue a second opinion (from a reputable, experienced professional) before adhering to any further contractual terms. Those of you that already feel trapped in perpetual obligations should have no desire to compile the burden. So, take some time to effectively research all of the resolutions presented to you. 

Negotiating With a Timeshare Isn’t the End All Be All.

Despite ARDA’s warnings surrounding the “bad apples” in the exit realm, you should never feel like you have to accept terms by the resort to get out from under a timeshare agreement if you disagree or feel it to be unfavorable for you. While we do agree that many third party cancellation companies cannot be trusted (especially during the COVID-era), it doesn’t mean there aren’t experienced companies that have tried and true processes available.

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Vacation owners that slow down and use discernment to make timeshare decisions often find fulfilling outcomes. Whether you’re being offered an intriguing resale opportunity or a guaranteed cancellation, there is usually more than meets the eye. This is true for every market within the timeshare industry. 

It just so happens the bad often outweighs the good. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t doubt everything. Sadly, the article we’re reporting on appears to have a solid stance on resort compromise. Anything else seems to draw a cloud of fear.  At the end of the day, any organization encouraging desperate owners to stay away from potential resources is rather disheartening.

Would You Trust the IRS or a CPA for Tax Help?

It’s almost like the IRS telling taxpayers not to hire a CPA. Sure, you can file your own taxes to resolve your responsibility – but will it be better than using a professional advocate who eats, breathes and sleeps tax laws, rules, regulations and advantages? Working with someone that wants to do a good job and not just collect money tends to focus more on accuracy as well. In other words, you won’t make as many errors due to oversight or being ill-informed

At the end of the day, we would like to see prominent platforms educate buyers on ways to evaluate all options before making a decision. While time and money investments may be detouring, better outcomes have to be properly explained and considered. Like many CPA’s, we still want to help people avoid setbacks – whether they hire us or not.

ARDA Reiterates Importance of Understanding Rescission.

Oftentimes, vacation owners don’t effectively take advantage of their contract’s rescission period. This is because they usually don’t even know it’s there. So we’re glad this article takes the time to explain this before listing their top cancellation companies. Any owner that wants to know how to go about getting out of a timeshare needs to figure out what was not disclosed during the initial presentation.

Informed Buyers Rarely Discover Grief.

In many cases, buyers are already at a disadvantage due to lies and omissions. As a matter of fact, there have been plenty of class action lawsuits against timeshare companies for minimal disclosure. Some have been known to hide the rescission paperwork in secret compartments of presentation packets (visual proof can be found online). 

While it would have been nice to see this article go into more detail about the cancellation period, we’re glad they at least touched on the topic. Many owners aren’t even aware that undisclosed contract terms may create a potential for contract termination. From our experience, owners that are well informed about the way rescissions work usually don’t run into regretful timeshare scenarios.

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Is All of the Advice From the Article Accurate?

Nonetheless, the article does make a comment about this topic that is questionable at best. They claim that owners “cannot cancel a timeshare after rescission”. This is clearly proven to be false, prominent timeshare platforms should be aware of owners prevailing in settlements, class actions and personal litigation cases. There are also examples of cancelled timeshare agreements all over the internet. So why was this left out?

To simply state that it cannot be done is an absolute statement proven to be incorrect and extremely misleading. In fact, it’s not even something that a single entity can control or even speak on without understanding the unique details of the onerous contract, experience or advancements in the industry. It all comes down to strategy

Concrete Information is Available to the Public.

By researching prior lawsuits, you’ll find that some vacation owners have successfully sued timeshares over misrepresentations and omitted information. This has taken place in both the personal litigation and class actions where agreements have been cancelled or owners have eventually been released of their obligations. This article’s vague ideology here is concerning to say the least.

Top Cancellation Companies for Timeshares or..?

After taking some time to assess the article, the perception and advice on legitimate timeshare cancellation companies seems to be one-sided. While it may not be as obvious to most consumers, their bias is easy for us to understand. Exit firms and timeshares have been at odds for the last decade. 

The last thing they want is to promote the solutions that actually work if it’s going to hurt their bottom line and shareholders. However, it’s time that both sides of the playing field find common ground to co-exist. Who’s to say all parties involved (disgruntled owners, timeshare companies and consumer resources) can’t win? It’s time to change the game.

Pay For Plays Create Unequal Playing Fields.

Loyalty in this industry can create quite the financial reward. Since these platforms are in support of timeshare development, their strategy will be one that benefits their successful existence and rightfully so for the longevity of their organizations. But we believe there are alternative strategies that could be better for the industry as a whole. 

Since many timeshare companies have always relied on their owner’s dues to cover resort maintenance (to sustain the operation), changing course is difficult – especially during hardship like a pandemic. It’s much cheaper, from an advertising standpoint, to upsell their current client base than going after new owners.

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Reality of Timeshare Ownership isn’t Considered.

This article fails to mention any of the aforementioned elements of the experience. If they were truly interested in pointing people towards some of the top cancellation companies in the timeshare industry, then they’d be eager and willing to be fully transparent about every aspect of the process. Instead of presenting an article with a bunch of fluff that sounds good, why not educate owners and equip them to overcome scams and pitfalls?

Those that actually take the time to assess their advice will realize that they don’t provide much information about any company at all. They spent more time telling their readers to avoid up front fees – even though it’s exactly what timeshares do. So when you find articles like this, with bold headlines and no supporting content, be careful before buying in. In most cases, there is an agenda behind the claims.

Always Verify Timeshare Cancellation Tips.

Either way, prominent timeshare platforms are probably the last place you want to receive advice from regarding the top cancellation companies in the timeshare industry. If you happen to have any questions or concerns about an unfavorable timeshare matter, we’d be more than happy to help. Honesty and building trust is important to us and our consultations don’t require any obligation.

2021 will be a very telling year for vacation owners. If you look around, a number of major changes and acquisitions have begun. Marriott has released a press release to acquire Welk Resorts and Hilton just notified their owners about a takeover with Apollo Group/Diamond Resorts International. Wyndham has also been boasting about their purchase of Travel + Leisure. In fact, they’re planning to adopt the brand name.

Timeshares are on the move in a big way this year – but will the future be fruitful for them and their ownership base? Stay tuned to our blog for detailed advancements and further insight on where the industry is headed.


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