Timeshare News and Lawsuits

aerial shot of real estate in st. helena california for blog regarding timeshare-like estate by private llc broker suing city for unethical discrimination of business model and enjoyment of region pacaso development

Real Estate Dispute Over What Defines a Timeshare in St. Helena, CA.

This past week, the city of St. Helena was sued after accusing a stand alone housing operation for being a timeshare entity. Pacaso, a five-home development project, claims to offer homeownership for up to 8 different tenets per each property. But the city hasn’t been buying it and on April 6th, Pacaso fired back.

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passing of a bag of money into the hands of someone in power for favorable outcomes regarding timeshare exchange taxes in co graphic

Timeshare Exchange Taxes Proposed in Steamboat Springs, CO.

As lockdowns and public COVID restrictions ensue, cities across the country are looking for ways to combat the tax revenue dips over the last year. Sadly, many destinations have struggled to overcome the exponential loss of tourism dollars. But the city council in Steamboat Springs, Colorado claims timeshare exchange taxes can help bridge the gap.

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blue almanac of florida law in library for change proposals made in congress regarding timeshares blog by voc

New Florida Bill Proposes Tax Cuts for Timeshare Corporations.

Now that travel restrictions have surpassed the year mark, timeshare corporations are full steam ahead towards loss recuperation. After ignoring loyal paying vacation owners and laying off tenured employees, the industry now has their eyes on tax laws. In fact, a recent proposal by lobbyists in Florida suggests a different method be used for property appraisals in order to decrease the tax burden of major resorts in the region.

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image of concrete jungle shoreline where hilton grand vacations resort is located for timeshare travelers to visit when coronavirus lockdowns end voc news article of acquisition of diamond resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations Informed Owners of Diamond Resorts Acquisition.

Now that timeshare companies are looking to maximize future earnings, the race for the biggest pool of aspiring travelers has begun. Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve already seen Wydham merge with Travel + Leisure and Marriott’s PR to acquire Welk Resorts – even while timeshare owners struggle. This past week, Mark Wang, the President and CEO of Hilton’s Grand Vacations (HGV), made an announcement of his own.

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confused looking middle aged man scratching back of head with white background well dressed grey hair help with pandemic timeshare tips

Pandemic Timeshare Tips by the TN Dept of Commerce & Insurance.

Despite the obvious travel limitations, it would have been good to see the department go into detail on consumer’s need to “reevaluate personal budgets”. The impact of COVID as a whole has been a setback for millions. While some people are bummed about their vacant vacation, many don’t even know how they’re going to put food on the table – after years of abundance.

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beautiful visual of st louis arch over harbor during nightfall as voc covers timeshare situation where fraudulent exit company RSi is under investigation by the better business bureau

St. Louis BBB Keeping an Eye on RSI For Fraudulent Timeshare Activity.

In 2019, we published an article that covered the BBB’s constant efforts to diminish timeshare exit fraud in Southwest Missouri. Around the same time, the consumer driven platform also issued a warning about a local Springfield operation, Relief Solutions International LLC (RSI). Today, the entity is still a problem..

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array of media microphones pointed at voc for timeshare related news story where cnbc claims to know how to exit timeshares during covid-19 pandemic in america

CNBC Claims to Know How to Help Owners Exit Timeshares.

After covering a few more of our client’s stories, we thought it’d be a good idea to see what other publications are doing about the timeshare crisis today. But after inspecting some of the advice that’s possibly directing thousands of vacation owners, we had to step in. You see, not all online information and bias can be completely trusted today.

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magnifying glass zooming in on the better business bureau logo on website listing during research session for timeshare owners and potential scams in the industry marketplace online

Last March, The BBB Advised Mexico Timeshare Owners on Potential Scams.

Before the nation was completely swept by travel restrictions and mask mandates, The Better Business Bureau (BBB) was already warning timeshare owners about potential scams. Now that a majority of timeshare sales teams have been let go, this threat is even more heightened. So let’s see what they had to say about it all..

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Marriott and Welk Resorts Announces Pending Acquisition.

The idea of conjoining losses to increase future profits is beginning to gain steam among timeshare companies in 2021. After dismal profits last year, stakeholders are pushing hard for a bounce back. This week, Marriott and Welk Resorts announced a pending acquisition that also puts the remainder of the industry on notice.

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ginger gal staring at cell phone in blouse holding clipboard with timeshare dri contract dispute

Diamond Resort Owners Accuse Timeshare Company of Crafty Overcharges.

Before the pandemic even started, and timeshare resorts found themselves in a backpedal, Diamond resort owners were already feeling a little slighted. According to a 91-page class action lawsuit that was proposed this past August, Diamond (DRI) has supposedly been billing its members for the “burden of operating expenses” with “inflated annual fees” in an “unlawful” fashion.

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Marriott Beach Club in Hawaii Terminates 450+ Staff Members.

While many of us will be able to pick up where we left off, some are simply hoping they’ll be able to pick up the pieces. Those that lost tenured jobs (especially in the travel industry) will struggle– especially if travel restrictions remain. Because of this, resorts like the Marriott Beach Club in Hawaii are processing more layoffs to kick off the New Year.

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corporate man in suit looking through zoom scope down on city for new prey for business endeavors sales organizations timeshare

Wyndham Destination Resorts Buys Travel + Leisure to Capitalize.

One of the most prominent and profitable timeshare companies in the world just made sure the industry knew they’re looking to dominate the future. After laying off 116 employees right after the pandemic ensued, Wyndham is sending $100 million to Travel + Leisure to expand its online sales reach.

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