Lawsuit Against Westgate Resorts Stems From Misleading Tours, Product Inconsistencies.


Last year, we published an article that described the level of timeshare discourse in Missouri. Although the article had more to do with the state’s acknowledgement and fight against exit scams, vacation owners wouldn’t be seeking relief if their timeshares were fulfilling. In this part of the country, far too many consumers purchase the product on a whim that seems to be too good to pass up. But when things don’t pan out as expected, the binding agreement can become crippling to say the least.

According to a 103 page lawsuit filed in the District Court this past summer, hundreds of class members accuse Westgate Resorts (and other participating parties*) of withholding pertinent contract information and wielding “high pressure tactics” to register new timeshare owners. This follows a common trend that’s not limited to the American region. Nearly every case of fraud in the timeshare industry involves bait and switch tactics that are full of lies.

Why Did Westgate Timeshare Owners File Suit?

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Westgate Resorts claim they were tricked into signing perpetual agreements they didn’t fully understand. Mandatory information was supposedly left out of timeshare sales presentations and buyer’s legal rights weren’t even explained, purportedly. Class members also claim they were “lied to” about their future lodging. After touring several luxury suites, the rooms they received were nothing close to what they expected.

New owners stated they never investigated the details of the purchase within their rescission period (2-7 days to cancel) because their right to rescind wasn’t explained and they thought they already toured the product. In other words, their confident ignorance was likely fueled by the sales pitch. They wholeheartedly believed the rooms they viewed were exactly the same as the rooms they “would own”.

There Was More to the Complaint Than Contractual Misrepresentation.

Even if new buyers wanted to visit their properties during the rescission period they were apparently denied access according to the complaint. The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against Westgate Resorts claim the reservation process was extremely “confusing and inconsistent.” Availability and booking limitations eventually pushed proposed class members to spend thousands of dollars to improve their experience. 

Despite upgrading packages and paying more than anticipated (on annual maintenance costs, interest rates and other contractual obligations), the hundreds of owners at Westgate Resorts complained that they still could not use their timeshare as advertised. According to the class action lawsuit, the product was something buyers were “rarely, if ever, able to use as reasonably expected”.

Do the Westgate Resort Owners Have a Case?

In short, they are stating that they bought something they couldn’t use that was lower quality than presented for more money than expected. The case went on to presume that Westgate properties were oversold so many times to so many buyers that it’s nearly impossible for buyers to ever obtain the perks and bookings they were promised.

“In reality, Westgate fails to disclose that timeshare owners are routinely unable to book units in the Resort with as much as 12 months’ notice—the earliest Westgate allows owners to reserve the use of their timeshare. Timeshare owners have made repeated attempts to book a stay during their allotted time, only to be told by Westgate officials that there is no availability at the Resort,” the lawsuit reads.

“As a result, many Class Members have been entirely unable to use their timeshare property for an entire year.” As you can imagine, this came as quite the shock to many; especially those that made hefty down payments. Plaintiffs are hoping the lawsuit allows them to permanently cease their contractual obligation by proving they were never even given a chance to fully understand the purchase. You can follow the case below.

*Additional defendants involved in the class action lawsuit against Westgate Resorts are Westgate Resorts, Inc., L.P.; Westgate GV Sales & Marketing, LLC; Central Florida Investments, Inc.; CFI Resorts Management, Inc.; Westgate Vacation Villas, LLC.


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49 Responses

  1. Please send information on how do I join this lawsuit. I’ve paid thousands and has NEVER been able to use the timeshare or vacation packages purchased

    1. So is there an actual ongoing lawsuit I would really like to join. We was lied to from the start didn’t realize it till after. It told us if we decided to sell they would sell it for us lie. They told us if we didn’t book with the original place we purchased that we would get 2 weeks instead of one that was a lie.

  2. Please send information on how do I join this lawsuit. I’ve paid thousands and has NEVER been able to use the timeshare or vacation packages purchased. I was deceived by these people.

  3. I would like information on how to join this lawsuit. We put a large down payment on this and have not been able to book anything and been told several times when calling to find places that we don’t have the right membership for certain options. This was not what we were told during the sales pitch.

  4. The loan officer at the end efiled my signature without my concent!!. They bullied and harrased me.. Also they took my 1500cash and they wouldnt return it until i came back with the other 99dollars and then told me legally they could not return it. Promised things they did not fulfill and i ruined from 845am to 730pm of my vacation with my family dealing w these ppl.
    Please help!

  5. I would love to receive more information about this and to see what can be done. Almost everything that I was told was a lie and no one from Westgate will help me. I don’t know where to turn and can not do this timeshare. It was all lies and very deceiving.

  6. Please let me know if I can join this lawsuit. I am currently working with another lawyer to exit this timeshare which was bought on false pretenses. This is one of the worst companies out there.

  7. I would love to join the law suit. I purchase in September 2021 I was told if I did want it I could cancel I tried to cancel send letter but no one contacted me reach out to the Notary
    she finaly return my call 2 days later after Cancelation was allowed. I told her i didn’t care about the money I put down i wanted out of this contract. I flew out to see her she said it wasn’t necessary. It’s a month later i need help. I call the county court house and there is no timeshare deed recorded as of 11/8/21

  8. As others have stated has anyone been contacted that has requested information? These people are crooks and deceiving to say the least! They had no problem taking my payments but sure did have problem trying to use my timeshare!

  9. Join me to the lawsuit, Wesgate salemans used pressure and lies taking advantage that our babies were tired, ungry and witing few hours listening all tha BS,and about all the untrue benefts. I NEVER have the opportunity to ise this scam services…they are very dishonest and big liers people….Where is the Feseral Goverment advocating for us?…we were robbery… they are unprofessional and non etical scammers…

    1. Westgate, es una
      Estafa… Mentirosos!!!! es un ROBO..no hay ningún beneficio. Son unos estafadores profesionales.
      quiero unirme a la demanda

  10. Please advise how to get on the class action law suit. I have spent thousands of dollars on a property that I have never set foot on.

  11. Please include me in this lawsuit.This Westgate people all they do is give you deceptive information.I’ve been paying for something that I hardly use and every year something goes up especially maintenance fee.But I have pictures of the mold around the tub and broken fixtures and toilet seat.

  12. yes please file lawsuit> i just signed one month ago today…i tried to resend within 5 days . i also text messaged the conciere. when he called me back he promised a cheaper contract if i would not resend .he said it would be mailed t me . it never came and within one week he has now quite answering phone calls or text messages. i have called several people at westgate and they are not helpful!they keep redirecting me to other people with the hopes that i will tire of calling and retelling the story to 9 different people now . i screen shot the text messages that say and confirm from him saying “she will send you your new numbers of which will start your time over.” obvious text messages show and prove the promise of a cheaper contract after i tried to resend . he claimed my text message was sufficient enough to have it in writing. no one is helping me!i am one month in and 1700$ down the tubes.

  13. Please added me to this lawsuit. I own south beach westgate now is close since last year , they are selling the building, they make me pay HOA fee 1400.00 saying is my obligation and I was able to use other resort , after I paid they told I can not use their resort because my property is in the proses of selling. Now I have no money, no resort to take my kids for vacation. They are the worst.

  14. Please send me this information on how to join this lawsuit or add me to your list. I was lied to, manipulated during the sale pitch, over talked and rushed through the closing process and given false information pertaining to my property In Orlando, FL. I was told me and my kids had week 52 and could use my property anytime as many times throughout the year. That was a lie. I asked if Westgate was a timeshare property, I was told no in closing; that was a lie. I told them if this was a timeshare, I didn’t want the contract done. The closure said, “We don’t operate off a point system; therefore, we’re not a timeshare property”. That was a lie. I was told after paying off the property I would have my deed and be able to do whatever I pleased with the property, that was a lie. There was just so many lies told to me that I begin to research the company.

    I knew something deep down didn’t feel right so I went back to Westgate the very next day to ask additional questions when I saw errors In my contract. They quickly tried to dismiss the issues saying it was just a typo and they’ll email me a new contract. I went back to Georgia and after two days of no new contract I canceled my contract agreement by submitting a notarized letter to Westgate within my 10 day cancelation time frame. Westgate said I had to come back to Florida in order to redo the contract. At that point I canceled my contract. Westgate said my letter request was being processed. Two months later…..

    I didn’t hear back from them until months later when I called them. They claimed they never received my cancelation letter and had no record of me requesting to cancel. They quickly started trying to withdraw money from my account, showing my back where I signed the contract but they never showed them my cancelation letter. Bank of America is the worse because they are all for the Companies NOT their customers. BOA quickly sides with Westgate denying my claim. I had to close my account to prevent them from taking money out of my account. Finally, in July I was able to stop Westgate from stealing funds from me but they later changed their name to another Westgate name and withdrew an additional $685 from my account in December by using my credit card in file. I’m still fighting to have those funds refunded as we speak. One minute they claim they have my cancelation letter, then they don’t. Next they say it’s processing, then it’s didn’t come though their email. I emailed, faxed and certified mailed that letter to Westgate on numerous occasions and they continue to lie.
    They are extremely misleading.

    The entire process was confusing and information was left out during closing such as the additional hidden fees other than your annual maintenance fee. I want justic for myself and 5 kids. I Gave my last $700 to my name to Westgate in hopes of being able to turn what I thought was my property into an B’N’B. Please help me obtain justice, reimbursement, compensation and cancelation from Westgate Resort, Fla.

    Thank you

  15. I would like to join. Those people are not honest. I have been paying that for one year I can’t even use it I feel like they are robbing me .

  16. Westgate sucks. I tried going through their dispute process after I realized the bait and switch and just outright lies from the sales staff and got a to bad so sad letter. Would love to join this suit if anyone has information.

  17. Please help we were mislead, lied to by West Gate in Orlando, Florida pressured for hours in a room that lasted for hours without being able to leave. Told lies after lies. We were told to sign another contract that was cheaper and given a different unit, we haven’t been in the so called unit. They called everyday and harassed by email, and by us mail, it’s showing on our credit report as a debt it’s hard to buy a home. They are getting rich off of people who didn’t understand what they were getting into. Please help us join this lawsuit. My contact information is Sonjawoodside@yahoo.com
    And Cedricwoodside@yahoo.com. Thank you

  18. I like to join the lawsuit. I was mislead into signing agreements at the Westgate Las Vegas. I didn’t fully understand the purchase. My legal rights weren’t even explained. I was never told about the rescission period to cancel.

  19. If this is still an ongoing Class Action I would love to have information to join. I have been an owner for 20 years and have not been able to use the timeshare for more than 13 years. thanks for any help


  21. They did the same thing to us kept us there for 7 hours with our five kids no matter how many times we told them no they wouldn’t accept it. I just need out of this nightmare that we cannot afford

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