Orlando Timeshare Lawsuit Seeks to Cancel Timeshare

Orlando Timeshare Presentation Wyndham Lawsuit Cancel Timeshare

Wyndham Lawsuit Complaint for Exploiting Military Servicemen

A federal lawsuit has been filed by two military servicemen. They are accusing an Orlando timeshare company of preying on military families during a timeshare presentation. The lawsuit claims that falling into debt on their Wyndham timeshares has not only put their financial stability at risk but also jeopardized their security clearances and military careers. The plaintiffs, Staff Sergeant Daniel Folden of the U.S. Air Force and active-duty U.S. Army member Logan Huskey, are seeking class-action status for the Wyndham lawsuit. This timeshare legal effort may prove to help others who are searching “how to cancel timeshare agreements”. 

Allegedly Mislead During Timeshare Presentation

According to the lawsuit, Folden attended a lengthy six-hour timeshare presentation in 2018, during which he was assured that being in the military qualified him for a better deal. Consequently, Folden and his wife purchased 20,000 vacation points for $23,479 with the Orlando timeshare company. However, over time, the couple discovered that the timeshare company had misled them. The promised benefits, such as a lower interest rate with the purchase of additional points and the ability to rent out their timeshare, never materialized. As a result, they struggled to meet their monthly payments and annual maintenance costs. Ultimately causing the plaintiffs to fall into financial distress.

The lawsuit highlights that Folden’s commanding officer was informed about his outstanding Wyndham debt in September 2021. This put both his security clearance and his employment with the U.S. Air Force in jeopardy.

Offered Free Gifts to Attend a Timeshare Presentation

Similarly, the Huskey’s stated that their involvement with the timeshare company began when he was approached at a Walmart kiosk. The individual claimed to be a veteran. The individual then offered free gifts in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. After enduring a five-hour sales pitch, Huskey and his wife gave into the timeshare presentation and signed. They were enticed by promises that they could offset their monthly payments by renting out their timeshare and that they could sell it back at any time. In December 2022, they purchased timeshare points for $23,399. However, when they attempted to cancel the timeshare in January, they discovered they were unable to do so. Huskey is now at risk of losing his security clearance and facing termination from his Army position.

Lawsuit Argues to Cancel Timeshare

The lawsuit argues that the timeshare agreements of Folden and Huskey should be declared void. The suit is alleging that the timeshare company violated the Military Lending Act of 2006. This federal law is designed to safeguard military service members from unjust or abusive loan or credit sale transactions. The lawsuit further contends that the Orlando timeshare company, now known as Wyndham Destinations after acquiring Travel + Leisure Co in 2021, routinely violates the Military Lending Act. Stating the company fails to provide the required disclosures and unlawfully imposing mandatory binding arbitration.

The plaintiffs are seeking legal redress. They are determined to hold the Orlando timeshare company accountable for its alleged exploitation of military families during a timeshare presentation. By shedding light on these alleged deceptive practices, they hope to protect others from falling victim to similar schemes.

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