Destination Timeshare Wedding Asks Guests to Pay For Cancun Trip.

Over the past year or so, our news articles have shown that a majority of timeshare companies and third party relief agencies will do or say anything to close the deal. For the most part, every transaction flows from the initial sale. Whether timeshare owners are spending more money to make the purchase worth it or escape perpetuity, the result rarely plays out the way they expected. Since many buyers never truly enjoy the experience, you’d think timeshare developers would improve their product. But they don’t – and a recent Reddit post about a destination timeshare wedding could be telling us how they’re deceivingly adapting to sell more weekly intervals.

What Is Reddit and How is it Used?

Reddit is a fairly new platform that aggregates a number of topics, posted by its users, and ranks them based on popularity. Unlike other social platforms, where trends and news is dictated to users, Reddit highlights what people really want to read. Like most user generated platforms and chat rooms, timeshares are a hot topic. While bias remarks and inaccuracy is a concern, the platform does provide a lot of insight and information on the timeshare experience. Based on a post earlier this month, it seems like the lure of a destination timeshare wedding is being used to fill sales presentations for a resort in Cancun.

The Details of the Destination Timeshare Wedding.

After finding herself concerned with a wedding invite that her boyfriend wanted to turn into a vacation, Katie turned to a friend for advice. Upon hearing the details of the trip, the friend agreed that her hesitation was valid. Aside from expecting their guests to pay for airfare and lodging, the couple getting married told invitees they’d have to attend a timeshare presentation in order to come. After agreeing the concept was pretty “tacky,” Katie allowed her friend to create a Reddit post to justify their initial gut feelings.

At first, Katie’s indecisiveness had more to do with her personal finances and the cost of the trip. She also wasn’t too happy about taking time off of work to attend a Monday wedding on 4/20 (AKA “weed day”). Her friend even informed her that people normally receive something free for attending a timeshare presentation. It was obvious she knew nothing about this method of travel because she was seriously considering going for her boyfriend’s sake. But once online users started commenting on the post, her perspective more than likely changed drastically.

Online Feedback Sheds Light on Some Truth.

One user chimed in by saying, “I refuse to sit through a timeshare even when they offer free rooms and dinners etc. I am not going to sit through one to attend a wedding when I get nothing out of it.” Some proposed ideas on how to manage the situation. “Tell your friend to encourage her boyfriend to go by himself.” Another wrote, “[I] might consider staying somewhere else (probably cheaper and no presentation – which by the way drag on forever, are incredibly boring and use high-pressure sales tactics).” Others simply “want an update after the wedding.” I think we all will want to see how this plays out. It’s a fairly unique situation.


While an opportunity like this may be tempting, Katie’s friend gave her solid advice. “I told her I’d put my foot down and not go because that’s absurd to ask of your guests.” It almost seems as though the bride and groom are setting themselves up for a free vacation or some sort of reward by organizing a mass presentation. When you think about it, there’s a good chance that some of the guests attending their destination timeshare wedding will sign up for a weekly interval

Since the ceremony has yet to happen, it’s hard to tell what the plot is here. But it’s safe to say that selling timeshare units is the focal point. Hopefully, Katie goes with her gut on this. The longer she allows people to influence her, the harder it’ll be to say no. The last thing you’d want to be is vulnerable during an aggressive sales pitch that other guests are buying into.

Is This The Future of Timeshare Sales?

If timeshare companies are now rewarding their owners for signing up friends and family, things could get a little hairy. Not only does this add an extra layer of protection for them when it comes to contractual disagreements, but it’s another way for them to point the blame. If you’ve been invited to a timeshare presentation, do yourself a favor and research what it entails. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into beforehand can save you an awful lot of regret in the long run.


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  1. please don’t take this trip. your “friend” has some kind of arrangement with the timeshare company. it has scam written all over it, especially since the vsst majority of all timeshares are scams pure and simple. don’t expose yourself to this nonsense for no reason.

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