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  • Since 2008, our founders have been committed to getting vacation owners out of unwanted, unsellable contracts.
  • We’re the only attorney-based company that offers a guarantee-of-service backed by 100% client success rates.
  • We present our case based on consumer protection laws in order to eliminate all of your contractual obligations.
  • You can expect a safe, clear and convenient cancellation experience whether your timeshare is paid off or not.

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Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our timeshare cancellation services

  •   Working with VOC has been such a pleasant experience. Wendy took care us from start to finish and quite frankly made this a stress free breeze. We had such a bad experience with our timeshare just the thought of it made us so angry. VOC truly handled  all our concerns and won our case for us, we were ecstatic getting our congratulations email. We recommend this company whole heartedly if you are searching for a company to get you out of your timeshare.

    thumb Cara C.

      I've researched for a long time for the best Timeshare exit company, and found O.V.C. I first heard the presentation on YouTube and felt very confortable in choosing the right company. I can't express highly on their knowledge on Timeshare Exits, they went over and beyond my expectations. From the first person I spoke to her name is Frankie and my phone appointment with Sheri was excellent. Wendy was the third person that I communicated with through emails and phone calls. She was always available and her response were quick. I highly recommend this company to handle something this important and you won't be disappointed.

    Sylvia Gutierrez

    thumb Sylvia G.
  •   We had an extremely good experience with Vacation Ownership Consultants. The associates guided me through the process of getting out of timeshare. They provided an excellent and clear support to help us to cancel our contract I less than 6 moths. They a great team and lawyers that can help you to get out of any unwanted timeshare. Thank you for your help. We highly recommend Vacation Ownership Consultants.

    thumb Eduardo J.

      VOC did a great job for us, They laid out up front what the process was and then delivered on it. They were always professional and helpful. Wendy in the Customer Service Center was very helpful and dept us in the loop.

    thumb Jim S.
  •   Highly recommend the VOC to anyone trying to get rid of a timeshare. Excellent customer service and an affordable fee with payment options. Wendy Draskovic, who's the customer relations specialist, has been amazing throughout the entire process of my case. Save yourself the time, and give them a call. You'll be relieved that you did.

    thumb Daniel P.

      We went to a Home Show in Ft. Lauderdale the weekend of Memorial Day.The person Raymond Reese assisted us with the selling of our timeshare.  Within a few months of submitting paperwork and documents the processing went very smoothly.  Wendy Draskovic, Customer Relations Specialist was excellent with working with us step by step. We would highly recommend this company if you are looking to get rid of your timeshare.

    thumb George B.
  •   Aftertrying to get rid of our timeshare for several years I came across VOC through a common friend who had use them to get out of their timeshare. We gave him a call and after putting down half it took about 6 months I got us out of our timeshare with no muss no fuss and we are very happy with their service.
    It may cost you a little money to get this done, but it's well worth it in the long run. Rather than paying the always  increasing maintenance fees every year for something that you can hardly ever use because the availability is not there. It was the best thing we ever did getting rid of our timeshare with VOC.

    thumb Michael C.

      If you don't  like your timeshare any more.
    Go see these guy.  He can help you. Annual  fee per year is so expensive for timeshare.

    thumb Joe C.

How VOC is Different ?

The reason why so many clients use Vacation Ownership Consultants is simple. You can’t just hire any real estate attorney and have them attempt to file a lawsuit against a timeshare company. What ends up happening is the attorney files a lawsuit based on misrepresentation. This becomes “he said, she said” battle and turns into a long, expensive process where litigation drags out. Our company’s in-house attorneys specialize in timeshare litigation so you can avoid the process altogether.

With decades of experience in legal cancellations, we use a little know real estate law that forces timeshare companies to fold. This ethical approach has allowed us to earn a reputation that most can’t claim. When candidates call us, they speak to educated, trained professionals and not a sales team. Since our staff genuinely wants to help you find the best solution, we only provide services to qualified timeshare owners. Our standard of service is more valuable than your money and you’re never pressured during a consultation. Best of all, we can manage mortgage and paid off contract terminations!

Timeshare Owner FAQs

Have questions about canceling your timeshare? We have the answers.

Why It Can Be Costly to..

try to get out of your timeshare by selling, renting or exchanging it.

Tired of trying to sell or rent your timeshare, with no results? Sick of paying ever-increasing maintenance fees? It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare. Trying to make money off of your property can cost you time and just as much money! Most timeshares can be found on third party websites such as E-bay or Craigslist listed for as little as $1.00 and STILL, aren’t selling. In the meantime, owners are experiencing the fees and losing hope.

But, did you know that certain vacation property owners are eligible for timeshare contract termination?  In comparison to putting your property on the market, our timeshare cancellation process is faster, cheaper and 100% effective. At VOC, we provide our customers with a free consultation and explain your eligibility for terminating your unwanted timeshare property. Give us a call to see if you qualify!

“We provide a clear and safe method for canceling unwanted, un-sellable timeshares. Not only is our attorney-based process guaranteed, but it’s backed by 100% success rates!  VOC is the trusted leader in timeshare cancellation.”


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