How a Timeshare Exit Strategy Can Save You Time and Money

How a Timeshare Exit Strategy Can Save You Time and Money

Many travel seekers are intrigued by owning a timeshare because of the way they’re initially approached about purchasing one. In most cases, you attend a presentation with minimal interest to invest. But, resort companies and sales professionals know exactly how to persuade you into believing owning a timeshare is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They know how to lead you to believe it’s the escape you’ve been dreaming of. Even though we all know impulse buys aren’t always beneficial, these companies know how to position benefits and features so that consumers are intrigued and ready to take action.

If you’re reading this, you more than likely are regretting the purchase now. But, it’s important that you don’t beat yourself up about it. Thousands of timeshare owners across the world experience the same feeling shortly after investing in one. What we want to help you understand is that there is a way to eliminate further headaches. Understanding how a timeshare exit strategy can save you time and money is the first step to finding a solution to your problem. But, before we get into our reasoning, let’s talk about why you’re considering timeshare termination.

Why People Want to Know How to Get Out of a Timeshare

Frustration normally sets in when vacation ownership isn’t what you expected. The beautiful presentation you were sold on isn’t anything like the actuality of the resorts you now have access to. That is, if you’re even able to find availability during preferred dates. The concern begins to set in when the overpromising and underdelivering approach continues.

After speaking with customer support, you’re led to believe that this isn’t a common occurrence. Time and time again, the letdown causes you to feel like that initial investment wasn’t such a great deal after all. You begin to question yourself and possibly even point fingers with your spouse while frustration boils over.

Aside from booking “malfunctions” you also realize how expensive some of the underlying costs and fees are. The happiness you envisioned quickly turns into heartache and you’re ready to do something about it. The problem is, you’re not going to find a viable timeshare exit strategy with the resort company.


Understanding Why Getting Rid of a Timeshare is so Difficult

As you’re probably now aware, timeshare companies aren’t very eager to work with you to find a solution. Once you’re under contract, these companies know exactly how to manipulate you so you feel like no other options exist. They may even hang a negative credit score over your head to calm you down. If they are willing to negotiate through a”relief” program, it’s normally towards an upsell option and a larger investment. The hard reality is, signing the contract places you into a sales funnel that never ends.

At the end of the day, you continue to experience the same story while the resort promises your best interest is their priority. Listen, innocent persuasion is what timeshare companies do best. Their market has thrived off of gullible people’s money for decades. They know that once you’re under contract, it’s very difficult for you to find leverage. Even when you feel like you’ve made progress towards a solution, they’re just working on you from another angle. Just think about how much time and money you’ve wasted as they distract timeshare exit strategy. Some companies even refer you to their partnerships with rental and selling platforms.

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How Renting or Selling Your Timeshare Can Be Costly.

When it comes to canceling a timeshare agreement, many property owners look towards selling or renting – and rightfully so. It seems like an easy way to eliminate what you’re currently experiencing. Let someone else deal with the timeshare while you recoup what you’ve lost. But, it’s not that simple. The timeshare company isn’t going to manage the property for you.

First and foremost, when it comes to renting, you have to find a renter. This requires managing listings and communicating with interested parties. Similar to the booking issues you’ve already experienced, you have to rely on finding someone for available dates. Although you can list the property on consumer to consumer platforms, it’s still risky. It seems like an awful lot of work just to recoup a portion of your investment.

When it comes to selling, the biggest concern is scams. There are tons of companies out there that prey on desperate timeshare owners seeking relief. Is it really worth spending all of that time and money to list the property, only to be ripped off even more? Selling your timeshare may seem like the easiest way to get out of a timeshare, but you have to consider the time and money you’re going to have to invest throughout the process. In the meantime, you’re still paying the mortgage and maintenance fees while you wait to close.

It’s hard to face the reality of your options. The resort isn’t going to work with you because most timeshare mortgages have minimal resale value. It’s a no brainer for them to continue billing you for the property instead of chasing a lower offer – just because you’re disgruntled. Again, they know they have the leverage.


Saving Time and Money With a Timeshare Exit Strategy.

During our free consultation sessions with timeshare owners, we always make sure all options have been exhausted before moving forward with our services. It’s really important that you at least try to work something out with the resort. Although we understand most people experience what we described above, we also realize that there are some ways to make the most of your purchase.

At the same time, we also know how to get out of timeshares. Once you’ve decided that selling or renting is too risky, we quickly move forward with a safe and clear timeshare exit strategy that removes you from the process. At this point, most timeshare owners know they aren’t going to recoup their loss and just want to get back to their lives prior to the purchase. They understand that it could take months for them to balance out their payments or go on vacation like they initially envisioned. If you’re ready to avoid spending anymore time and money while eliminating the hassle of ownership, we’ll gladly help you do so.

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Are Timeshares an Archaic Thing of The Past?

Are Timeshares an Archaic Thing of The Past?

This article is written from the perspective of Susan Rodgers, who’s been featured in multiple lifestyle publications.

When searching for the perfect timeshare to spend your vacations, do you ever ask yourself, “Are Timeshares an Archaic Thing of The Past?” Most people would say absolutely yes! Most people would say absolutely yes! With the rise of vacation clubs, Air BNB, hotel and airfare apps, traveling these days is easier and less costly than ever before! “Timeshare” is no longer what it once was. So, why burden yourself with all the baggage that goes with timeshare? Yes – pun intended!

The Reality of Purchasing a Timeshare.

According to, 32% of timeshare owners wouldn’t purchase another timeshare and nearly 90% of them regret they did so in the first place. They now wonder how to get out of their timeshare ownership so that they can grasp a new modern and affordable way to explore the world. They can also sleep better at night once they find a way to dump their timeshare and not worry about being bombarded with ongoing fees and unexpected expenses due to being an “owner” of a timeshare.

Not only have timeshares lost their value and appeal, they’re just not logical anymore. Why waste money on the cumbersome costs associated with a timeshare once you own one? It costs thousands and thousands of dollars to make the purchase before you’ve even traveled anywhere! If you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spend on a dream vacation (like that weekend in Fiji, or that Alaskan cruise), it’s easier to research your options (via your phone or computer) and invest in a one-time trip! Today, it’s more affordable than ever to travel to exotic places across the world! Plus, you’ve got no rules on when you can go and where you can stay. You can plan ahead or be spontaneous and do what you feel like doing at the time, instead of being given a small option of places to go.

But the reason you’re probably even reading this is because you don’t know how to get rid of that vacation dinosaur of the past, your timeshare. many of you realize that once you are able to put it behind you, then the real dream of adventure in travel can begin. Timeshare needs the boot! It’s obsolete. This makes those who prey on travelers to purchase a timeshare even more desperate to sell you one.

The Manipulation of Timeshare Sales.

I’d also like to address the whole nightmare of the manipulation on how you were burdened with this thing in the first place, sign here, sign there, free this, and free that, all under the auspices of a lavish free meal or adventure. Remember what your parents or grandparents used to say, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”? I hate to say it; but they’re right! You’d be better going online for a half price meal or an adventure on Groupon, rather than obtaining it through some timeshare salesperson who will lie, cheat and use whatever malicious tactic they can to get you to sign the dotted line and spend ridiculous amounts of your hard earned money on a mainly useless piece of property.

Once You’ve Taken the Bait, Promises Aren’t Kept..

The real true nightmare is once you’re saddled with a timeshare, people often start by dropping twenty, thirty thousand or more for one week a year to participate in their timeshare – if they are even lucky enough to get the dates they hope for. Then there are the mandatory maintenance fees, taxes, the ongoing property maintenance fees if something goes wrong at a property you “own”. Yes “own.” If you really own it, then why can’t it be a tax deduction like your other property taxes? You own houses and cars, but do you really own a timeshare?

These so called deeds or deeded properties are not worth the paper they are supposedly written on. Oh yeah, just think, in the next couple of years, you could own a timeshare in the devastated terrain of Puerto Rico or the volcano ravaged areas of Hawaii – you could easily receive a ten thousand dollar bill or more for repairs any day now. How crazy! You shouldn’t have to spend all that hard earned cash for one or two weeks of a vacation. It’s ridiculous and you know what? It’s wrong in all aspects. It’s got to stop. I haven’t even broached the whole “perpetuity scam” of how your timeshare will burden your loved ones you might want to pass it on to. Don’t do it – get out while you can.

How We Help You Dump Your Timeshare Mortgage.

Our company has not only had ongoing success and one of the world’s most renown source of legal teams behind us to get you out of timeshare forever, it’s also surprisingly affordable. We don’t rely on gimmicks and expensive marketing plans that make your costs higher for our services to get that timeshare monkey off your back; you’ve already spent too much money on your archaic timeshare with its draconian rules to ownership. Yes, draconian (origin: 7th century law of code with harsh laws which prescribed death for every offence of breaking those rules) or in modern times: harsh, a draconian legal code. I can’t think of a better word in the English language to describe the rules of timeshare ownership beside appalling and downright evil!


I haven’t even probed so many of the other burdens of timeshare ownership or the details on how these charlatans got you to purchase it in the first place, but believe me I’ve got a lot more to say about it. Stay tuned…my husband and I are now off to Italy to stay with a family we found on Air BNB and use our airline points to fly there for free. Arrivederci!