4 Changes in the Timeshare Industry That Owners Should be Aware of.

Due to the current state of our country, the inability to use your timeshare may seem valid. Pandemic-driven restrictions have made it nearly impossible for anyone to enjoy any type of vacation over the past year. At the same time, it’s important that owners are able to move forward with an informed state of mind. Truth be told, there are some changes in the timeshare industry that owners ought to take note of.

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Prominent Timeshare Platform Shares Their Top Cancellation Companies.

When it comes to escaping a timeshare, nearly every step of the process comes with an array of pitfalls. From desperation to deception, disgruntled buyers need to know how to discern every turn. While a number of sales pitches appear to speak to you, nothing in this industry is as it seems. Like last week’s article pointed out, not all content is trustworthy.

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Exiting Your Timeshare Alone: What Can Happen If You Do.

Over the past few years, we’ve published a lot of content that warns consumers and vacation owners alike of the pitfalls in the timeshare industry. For decades now, many buyers have experienced similar setbacks, disadvantages and unexpected costs. But today, some are considering cancellation for the first time.

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The Psychological Sales Practices of Timeshares | Part 2

We can all admit, the psychological sales practices of timeshares are rather complicated. In fact, every unsuspecting buyer is uniquely targeted with fact finding measures that all stem from a deceitful plot: to close the deal. Last week, we discussed the elements of pandering, misleading trust, enticement, personal jabs and fabricated excitement. Let’s see how this helps them close the deal in part 2.

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The Sales Psychology of Timeshares Increases Closing Rates.

When it comes to the purchase of a timeshare, buyers are rarely even in the market for a perpetual travel package. In fact, many are on vacation with relaxed spending habits when the opportunity arises. When they’re caught off guard by an overwhelming amount of hype and free gifts, they can’t help but be intrigued by what’s being presented to them. We call this the sales psychology of timeshares – and it’s horribly effective

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Why Do Timeshare Revenues Increase Despite High Disapproval Ratings?

Consumers that have come to hate a timeshare purchase often initially wonder how timeshare companies remain in business. But they don’t have to think long or hard to realize their disgust is rooted in an unfavorable, oftentimes perpetual contract that doesn’t allow them to easily get out of their obligations.

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CNBC Claims to Know How to Help Owners Exit Timeshares.

After covering a few more of our client’s stories, we thought it’d be a good idea to see what other publications are doing about the timeshare crisis today. But after inspecting some of the advice that’s possibly directing thousands of vacation owners, we had to step in. You see, not all online information and bias can be completely trusted today.

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follow through with endless timeshare sales pitch that doesn't benefit traveling family in las vegas but is OK to major global resorts

PART 2: Endless Timeshare Sales Pitch Deceives Young Family.

Last week, we published the introduction to an amazing story about a young family who was swindled into timeshare ownership during a pandemic. Not only did Edwin and Maria repeatedly reiterate their disinterest, they almost begged sales reps to leave. But instead of enjoying the remainder of their mask mandated vacation in Vegas, the family was met by another unrelenting offer.

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Young Family Scammed by a Timeshare Company During Pandemic in Vegas.

Now that the pandemic has run rampant for almost a year, the disadvantages timeshare owners face is beginning to surface. While it’s easy to criticize every action that major resorts are taking (or not taking), it doesn’t provide consumers with much – outside of awareness. So, we decided to start sharing the stories of vacation owners.

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The Timeshare Bargain Normally Comes with Extra Baggage.

Even though we specialize in ending owner obligations, our goal has always been to help buyers fully understand and properly manage their perpetual product. So today, we wanted to shed some light on the extra “baggage” that usually comes with a supposed timeshare bargain.

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Ways to Test Your Timeshare Package During the 3-7 day Cancellation Period.

Have you ever made a large purchase that turned out to be less than gratifying? How about a product that didn’t perform as advertised? In most cases, a consumer’s intuition is to return it –or at least making an exchange. But what happens when the purchase ends up being non-refundable due to a return policy that wasn’t promoted or ever explained?

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